Soup Kitchen #5


They almost lost me with the interspersed hip hop clips, but I gotta say, this is the best Soup Kitchen episode to date. Six minutes of pow-shredding, park-jibbing, pure snowboarding joy.

  • captainquirk

    this edit was money

  • jerm

    just that much better.

  • That was 6 minutes of solid boarding

  • mistahfabbydavis

    Tyler Lynch is dope

  • 4one3

    hell yea

  • Chuck Schick

    Anybody know this song/artist?

    I need to know in case somebody asks me if I’ve heard em. That way I can say, “yeah, that shit fucking sucks.”

  • andre hicks

    don’t vermont mac dre.

  • satan

    stay away from the bay and mac dre.

  • Possuuuum

    or your girlfriend I will SLAY

  • prince alarming

    You’ve got to slay some dragons to get to a princess, and belieeeve me, i’ve slayed some dragons