Mandatory Coverage: Back to the Boneyard Trois

Tyler Davis. Quarterpiping.

Note: Video and Photo Gallery added, see below New Hampshire is known for its amazing parks, hometown heroes and dirts, but lets face it, only a chosen few ever seem to make it big time. So if you do, it’s good to give back to the less fortunate, which is exactly why Pat Moore has put on Back to the Boneyard for that past three years. This year, the event raised over $1500 for WVBBTS, a scholarship program that helps kids who can’t afford it go snowboarding.

The Waterville park staff, led by the semi-legendary Luke Mathison, recreates the legendary 90s Boneyard park. Everyone from former legends such as Preston Strout, to current legends such as Mike Ravelson as well as enigmas such as Aaron Diamond and Pat Bridges come out to ride.

Pat Bridges, in the flesh, and still winning the invert contest.

If you had to classify the format, it’s a jam at best, with three segments. There is a scary looking-90s jump, though only 30 feet to the sweet spot it boasted a 24-death gap, which claimed one victim. The Mike Baker Banked Slalom tests how fast you can go (for the record, Pat Moore went the fastest this year) and then a jersey barrier to quarterpipe finishes the day.

There were lots of hand plants, some small airs (and a few big ones), and a couple serious maneuvers over the course of the day. Forrest Bailey put on a demo, Bridges failed to master frontside inverts, Preston Strout wore his 90s costume, Mike Rav turned 21, and a good time was had by all.

New England Stud Nick Esposito

There were awards for just about everything, randing from Pat Moore’s pro model forum snowboard to a sweet as falcon statue, so here’s the complete list.

15 and Under

1) Jack Herald
2) Parker Szumowski
3) James Fawlet

1) Julie Kochan
2) Mackenzie Hennessy
3) Mary Walsh

Zach Normandin, King of the Boneyard

Open Class
1) Zach Normandin (King of the Boneyard)
2) Merrick Joyce
4) Nick Esposito

25 Plus
1) Tyler Davis
2) Adam Mettervlle
3) Jaues Beruai

Most haggard kit: Preston Strout
Best Hick: Aaron Diamond
Best Method: Jaques Beriau
Best trick rail: Merrick Joyce
Best Jumper: Luke Mathison
Days of Old School: Preston Strout
Worst taste in music: Pat Bridges
Worst Slam: Alex Cole
Biggest Buzzard: Aaron Diamond

Biggest Pussy Awards

Jump: Ryan Stephany
Banked Slalom: Pat Bridges
Quarterpipe: Mike King

And the video. Well, you know the the infamous “dad cam?” This is it, in all its glory. Yes, my dad made the video. The caveat is he’s actually a “real life” photographer, so it’s potentially composed slightly better than the average “dad cam.” To compensate, we’ve left in some of the dramatic “dad commentary.”

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    I find this: “Bridges failed to master frontside inverts” almost impossible to believe. If there is one thing he is good at, it is not interview mockery or journalism… it is planting his damn hands nearly every which way on semi-vertical objects!

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