Warming Up with Pooch


Now here’s Dew Tour coverage we can get behind. This Nick Poohachoff guy is good.

Edit: Martin Rubio/TallTreezDesigns

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  1. Talltreezallday24/7
    Talltreezallday24/7 says:

    ^ your a joke, you probably like dudes. Tall treez kills it, theyll be at the top within two years.

  2. dirt
    dirt says:

    Met this guy in NZ, he thought he was the fucking shit. I heard about him but never saw anything from him till this. The guy thinks he is a super pro. just dumb.

  3. Martin
    Martin says:

    haha Pooch barely even talks, he lets his riding do it.
    Pussies with no name!
    If you want to hate, at least write your name or else keep talkin shit behind your macbook.
    Oh I forgot, you guys are bitches!

  4. tom
    tom says:

    i thought this vid was super G til i heard the little high pitch laugh/squeal at 2:20 or so. sick style though, not seein any wins with 5’s 3’s and an occasional 9 though.

  5. lame
    lame says:

    Fuck yeah Pooch!! Whoever says he’s arrogant has obviously never met the guy because it’s pretty much the opposite of what he really is like!!!

    Pooch, get off the damn contest grind and start filming! As long as gay-acrobatic shit is judged before style, you’re in the wrong place at these events!!

  6. Luis
    Luis says:

    Can’t believe people still talk shit, we are all in this for one reason its FUN. hatin just shows that you are too self concious and it shows that you dont love the sport/lifestyle for what it really is, its a FAMILY where you can grow not only as a human but as a friend. we are all individuals with diff. characters, its what makes our sport so beautiful, dont be single-minded it’ll hold you back. Don’t Judge unless you are prepared to be Judged.

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