BLS Park Edit


Looks like the stupid looking bitches might be blowing up. This edit managed to find its way to the Ashbury blog before they even sent it to us (of course, they fucked up the crew name.) Hopefully, they’ll still remember the little people when they’re super snowboard famous.

Park stunts performed at Wild mountain, Hyland, and Elm Creek
Riders in order of appearance – Evan Ward, Thomas Edwards, Cole Linzmeyer, Colin Wilson, Justin Fronius, Jordan Daniels, Josh Boeser
Filmed and edited By Brett Spurr

  • hater skater

    I saw that on the ashbury site and it’s the sickest thing ever!! I was about to post it on the forum but got ahead of me

  • BLS ALL DAY lol

  • robbie

    this is sick, chill riding and song

  • Fonzie

    These guys consistently kill it. Sick edit, sick style, sick song. Foster the People is dope.

  • jerm

    jamie anderson would be proud of :55

  • karnkarn

    good song and boarding!!! whoaahh

  • connor

    holy vin pig pull…BLS for life!

  • frumaseed


  • scott

    colin wilson is a boss

  • colin is such a beast

  • impressive manoeuvres

  • yeeee

  • All Day…Bitches!haha sick as fuck.

  • M/W

    yeah BLS! muggles > wizards

  • thomas

    wayyy too clean, where have all the hessians gone?

  • chris

    did the filmer catch him at 1:24?

  • Dregis

    Sick ender!

  • play ball

    wow great toss whoever threw that snowball on the ender