Story time with Uncle Russ Russ: New Zealand Part I

Russell finally takes us out of Euroland this week to drag our asses down to New Zealand. While with the Ride pro team they stumble upon this and that and guess what, get hammered. Continue following the globetrotting adventures and hilarious antics of one of snowboardings greatest legends. For your enjoyment, here is Part 1 of Uncle Russ Russ goes to New Zealand.

It was august and I was about as south as humanly possible without being able to claim expedition. Yep, Queenstown, New Zealand! The scenery was beautiful and the girls were not… People always joke about “certain people”, myself not included actually, having relations with the sheep. I don’t understand that because there was so many cat houses in such a little town. Anyhow, the whole Ride team was down there plus a few other pro snowboard friends of ours. First things first, we headed downtown to see what we could get into or break! Oh My fucking GOD! There was a glass igloo attached to some Swiss restaurant. We had found home base. The igloo was made completely out of glass and housed a full bar with a bartender straight from Amsterdam. It was magical to say the least! As usual the bartender was a snowboarder and took an immediate liking to us. The igloo turned into the spot! We started drinking and after about an hour the bartender decided to show us some of his tricks. He asked if we had ever tried tequila whipits? “Hmmm.” I thought. “Not yet but fire it up.” I replied! He smiled then poured about two shots of tequila into a whip cream container then filled the rest with the No2. He handed it across the bar. Of course I gladly accepted! All of a sudden I had an overwhelming feeling of being 15 years old at a grateful dead concert… Oh well, I fired the whole thing back and instantly was staring down at the igloo from above. Honestly after that the shades were drawn and all I remember was waking up with half of my clothes on and being half in bed.

The trip to the hill that morning wasn’t all that great. First of all there are no guardrails and the bus driver thought he was trying out for the WRC. The weather was very similar to my beloved Northwest, foggy, rainy and wet. We cruised around the hill getting nothing done. Made it home just in time to take a nap and get ready for another night at the igloo. I guess I needed the sleep because it was 8PM when I woke up. I got showered and dressed and went down to the Igloo with the boys. Low and behold who was hammered half asleep at a table in the igloo. The Whiskey boys! Crap! That was a great thing for us, and a real bad thing for the Queenstown! We woke up our Canadian counterparts and began drinking. Someone came in to the bar and told us about a party up the road with free kegs. So off to the party we went…

Check back next week for Part II, where we learn about the “Camo Cock”.

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