Yawgoo Post-Season Session


Yep, you read that right. The season is over in Rhode Island. But it’s good to know people and cause they do, Mary and Saara get to mess around in a patch of snow at the bottom.

Edit: Brendan Gouin

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  1. poo
    poo says:

    why come these girls I have never heard of have 100x better steez than any of the girls I have heard of?

    Watching the wimens slopestyle in x games is darn right painful

  2. jerm
    jerm says:

    not taking away from these girls but this is a little different then the x games poo. they did pretty good moves on a short wide box type feature. girls in the x games are trying to hit bigger rails and 60+ foot jumps.

  3. Dave7
    Dave7 says:

    Dave is really confused. Girls actually good at snowboarding. There was no kitchen anywhere near that flat box. Dave doesn’t like this. Dave doesn’t like change.

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