Yawgoo Post-Season Session


Yep, you read that right. The season is over in Rhode Island. But it’s good to know people and cause they do, Mary and Saara get to mess around in a patch of snow at the bottom.

Edit: Brendan Gouin

  • Oh girls don’t stop…
    We’ll get ya a job at windells in the kitchen…

  • Lebron J.

    well i’ll be damned.. that was some good stuff

  • kobepriortotherapecharge

    those were some true presses

  • jerm

    there is hope for womens snowboarding. good stuff.

  • Errrrric bitch

    The season is over? haha thats so stupid. Yey for girls

  • danP

    Not bad, not bad at all.

  • poo

    why come these girls I have never heard of have 100x better steez than any of the girls I have heard of?

    Watching the wimens slopestyle in x games is darn right painful

  • poo on you

    reading your comment was so darn right painful

  • fonz

    i was upset when i was watching this

    then i figured out it was girls

  • jerm

    not taking away from these girls but this is a little different then the x games poo. they did pretty good moves on a short wide box type feature. girls in the x games are trying to hit bigger rails and 60+ foot jumps.

  • supladies

    lemme get yo number

  • glad someone finally put some real music in a snowboard video, good riding too

  • Dave7

    Dave is really confused. Girls actually good at snowboarding. There was no kitchen anywhere near that flat box. Dave doesn’t like this. Dave doesn’t like change.

  • Dave7

    Dave wants a phone number too. Dave likes sex.

  • hUh

    no dylan, no marcus, no titties. da fuck?

  • uncle fester

    whoa! these chicks got tricks for days. good style too

  • the grinch

    half cab five0 back1!!! np back1!!!!! front blunt 270!!!! whattttttttt


    That was pretty good for girls but it would have been better if they were naked.

  • Bruce Saggin

    why did you not hit the rail that was 50 ft from you. girls suck

  • turd nuggets

    Mary and Saara shred so hard…put a lot of you so called men to shame

  • hammers.

  • tyrone biggums

    that was crack

  • wildo

    their periods attract bears… they can smell the menstration

  • NH

    wait till mary starts jumping again. then u chicks will really be in trouble

  • that was sick. 401 showing off the steez