Mt. Hood Shreadows


This video makes me regret losing my pass this year for ducking a rope. In fact, it almost makes me want to go buy a spring pass. Almost. Anyway, sweet shredding from the Meadows homies. Riders: Corey Noble, Colin Langlois, Ahmon Stamps, Doran Laybourn, and Blake McCoy.

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  1. jerm
    jerm says:

    oh no! more snowboarders wearing saga outerwear! the horror. this video really made me miss oregon. awesome snow and terrain.

    SIVALL says:

    HOODRats need to get there shit together and stop rockin’ Saga outerwear. Way too many snowboarders (on hood) are becoming hybrids, supporting ski brand outerwear. Support companies in the sport you represent. Dont get me wrong, taller outerwear is much needed for that Hood Chowda. Some ill lines though, and i sure do miss ridge run.

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