Terrible Tuesday: The Sounds of Boarding


Remember how you used to listen to a rain tape to help you fall asleep? Yeah, well this is kind of like that only it’s to get you stoked to shred.

Boarding by Scotty Arnold, Sam Taxwood, Phil Jaques, Ted Lavoie, Big Mike, Mac Spedale, Cody Rosenthal, Blaze Kotsenburg, Littlest, Ben Bogart, Matty Mo, Justin Keniston, and Jed Anderson.

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  1. OOOOO
    OOOOO says:

    Liked this edit. Music can make edits worse or better. This comment serves no purpose. OK, adios.

  2. Silence Please
    Silence Please says:

    Music makes a huuuuuuuuuge difference, but I have to agree with the rain tape thing, there is definitely something nice about hearing the sounds of snowboarding for a change.

  3. jerm
    jerm says:

    the sounds of snowboarding are good but its not even close to the sounds of skateboarding. the crack of a good ollie followed by the landing on concrete is a beautiful thing.

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