Wall Ride Thing at Loon


Last weekend, Thomas Haraden went snowboarding at Loon. It’s a popular option these days. While he was there, he happened upon a contest he affectionately referred to as a “wall ride thing” and made this video. The contest was actually called “Hard Day’s Night” and Shaun Murphy went home $1000 richer.

Riders: Rob Hallowell, Chris Brewster, Kyle Mack, Ben Ross, Shaun Murphy, Mike Ravelson, Brandon Hobush, Tanner McCarty, Dylan Dragotta & others.

  • man these guys look imtoocrunky.com

  • turd ferguson


  • seamus


  • jerm

    set up looked gnarly.

  • Wow that looked fun as fuck

  • that looks so fun. makes me miss loon!

  • ThirstyConvoy

    Anyone catch the Zapp sample in the track?
    Thought not…

  • Nor’east Fucktard

    Fuck yeah Tommy. I miss riding with you guys.

  • shushine

    That looked like an amazingly good time.

  • jjj

    troutman for life