Menthol Monday: Night Sesh


Maybe we’re a little obsessed with all these Midwest crews, but the fact they all make riding garbage dumps look fun says something. Nighttime at Trollhaugen with Stephen Paulson, Boody and Scotty Kulzer.

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12 replies
  1. jerm
    jerm says:

    a little zeachy at times. youre going to have to bring heat with troll edits after what the snowboard world has seen fromt here.

    p.s. brooke its menthol not methol. granted they might be onto a new version of meth in the mid west but i think you just missed a letter.

  2. jeffy
    jeffy says:

    hey jerm, you messed up the spacing on “from there”

    looks like brooke isn’t the only one that sucks at typing


  3. mistahfabbydavis
    mistahfabbydavis says:

    Jerm your lack of capitalization at the beginning of sentences really concerns me.

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