Surfin’ with the Rental Shop


These kids need to go back to school and take life more seriously, but in the mean time I bet they’ve been having a great time. Check out one of way too many Toasty Tuesday edits over at

  • yuh

    when you export. do it right. wholy fuck

  • OrieKatswilleatus

    Sick edit. Made snowboarding look as fun as it is. THASSSS WASSSSUPP

  • turd ferguson


  • dirk dingler

    when are kids gonna realize part of snowboarding is being proper and doing real tricks oh yeah and getting to the end of rails. fags

  • ec

    I bet dirk dingler has really proper swivels

  • rawjoe


  • Ben Maki

    this is a sick edit, Dick Dingler needs to pull the spikey dildo out of his anus, and learn how to have some fun. Also gary has frozen pizza if anyone wants to come over and chill

  • Jon Chan 666

    Theres tranny on the side of that rail, Dicks down your throught dingler

  • PilesEatsPiff

    down for the marrypop-outs tranny detectiving , but shit man zeach swivvel to fakies? werent soft rail boards ment for lockin in. damn , hate hating cos the kids do have deep trick bags.

  • elm creek is the fucking sickest

  • brad

    end of rails ?

  • smart ass

    rail to bank?

  • brad

    didn’t see a bank ?