Last Tuesday at Loon

Our friends from Rhode Island had a little fun.

Riders: Dylan Gamache, Brian Skorupski, Zack Wilmot, and Shaun Murphy.
Edit: Brandon Gouin

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  1. Gerg!
    Gerg! says:

    Don’t take this the wrong way, because these guys are killing it with style up the wazoo and it is fun to watch, but would someone hit a damn jump in a Loon edit!? They have a sick jump line there right?

  2. yo
    yo says:

    im sure plenty of people disagree but i like where snowboardings at right now, so many sick riders with their own style…that was super sick

  3. Dave7
    Dave7 says:

    Dave thinks the ender was fantastic. Dave also likes the entire video. Dave says great job.

  4. magoo
    magoo says:

    the high speed front board on the flat bar down rail was dope, i like watching that kinda shit, and the back lip on the wallride/high rail/creeper was tits

  5. yeh
    yeh says:

    you know a video is on point when you can actually finish the whole thing before having to stop it because it’s so unbearable to watch. and in this case watch it again multiple times. riding, filming, and editing all on point…you don’t see too much of that lately on yobeat.

  6. YES
    YES says:

    Jerm didn’t just post one positive comments on this edit, he posted two. If that doesn’t prove it’s the greatest edit ever made I don’t know what will.

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