Do It Right Teaser


I’m sure in a month or so we’ll be sick of teasers, but for now, we’re still into ’em. Moreover, we’re into this one. It’s simple, sweet, from upstate NY and a solid attempt by a bunch of kids to do something productive. You should enjoy the Do it Right teaser.

P.S. The last few seconds are not only priceless, but a great example of why snowboarders are really just spoiled white kids.

  • bob

    1038 was better

  • me

    pretty sweet guys. that shot at the very end is classic.

  • beer

    that was so workplay.

  • They’re not from upstate it’s WESTERN NY! But glad to see kids and guys I’ve known for years killing it.

  • adk_pete

    Seeing that everyone thinks a half hour outside of NYC is “upstate” Here ya go, anything below Albany is downstate anything west of Syracuse is western. Above Saratoga is UPSTATE. The city is the city and fuck Long Island!

    NY kills it

  • Joey

    Ender was funny! Glad to see Maxwell doing some stuff again

  • derek


  • Yeah TM!

  • matt

    maxwell is terrible

  • wow

    park footy in a teaser…. yeahhhhh, sike. so gay

  • wow

    oh and bob. 1038 is gonna suck cause its all filmed on a dslr

  • LogJam

    Woah where’d Maxwell come from?

  • Lucey


  • Gondofars

    where are the swivels? those get my disco stick warm.

  • mattd

    pretty bold to call a movie ‘do it right’

  • yezh


  • karnkarn

    hate on… the teaser was cool. NY riding is cool to see in general. Good Snow Year i know!!!