Fun with ZDC at Bear Mountain


Lately we’ve be inundated with “fun” videos. They all come with the same disclaimer: this is about having fun and not about the tricks! Well guess what, as fun as butters are to do for four minutes is how not fun they are to watch for four minutes. What does that have to do with this video? Well, this video looked like fun. A buncha bros, having fun, in sunny So Cal. And the fact that it’s called Hood Rat Thursday, but came out on Wednesday, that’s just carefree.

Riders: Richie Conklin, Kazuhei Nomura, Pat Garvin, and Jimmy Hay.

  • Brent

    dude with the dr suess board has quite possibly the worst looking stance i’ve ever seen… just sayin

  • Hell

    ZDC should stand for Zeaching Dancefloor Combos

  • ^ it does…..

  • murk

    this isnt ZDC, dunno why they posted it as ZDC

  • sebastian bach

    Brent, why’s it matter what his stance looks like? could be skinny, could be wide, whatevers comfy, plus it looks like he’s having fun. the only stance that should matter is your own…just sayin’

  • Bags O’Ass

    I dont even stand on my snowboards any more. Stances are for retards.

  • Stiffuh

    Pretty good stuff but its obvious these guys care about how they look way too much when they ride

  • Hell

    stiffuh just because your style is probably super wack doesn’t mean you have to rag on people for having good style

  • hot toddy

    skinny pants make you look stewpid on yumps.
    but i don’t care how you look. because no one cares how anyone looks. because we’re all a bunch of broke-ass snowboarders trying to look cool by wearing, in this case, our sisters’ pants.

    in other news: i think i like this edit… but I may have been seduced by the ‘basketball jones’ intro… so I’m not really sure how i feel about anything anymore….

  • THOR

    Why’d they have to replace the first song with such an immensely worse one, Space Jam soundtrack is the tits.
    Bags O Ass… dat wus funny. Hell…Stiffuh didnt say there style was wack, he said that they seemed like they cared about there style too much (although i’m not sure how he inferred such a notion). Also u just ragged on someones style in the same sentence you said not to rag on someones style…

  • derek

    actually liked that a lot


  • piles

    that looked pretty fun, but then again why the fuck live a dirtbag lifestyle to sustain an activity thats boring and un-fun. i thought of something mean spirtied to say about there riding, but couldnt. good wholesome snowboarding that is in no way impacted by stances or pants.

  • I fucking Love these guys, dirty and in California is a good way to live, also everyone should know that Richie cockballs has super tiny nuts

  • richie cockballs

    ^ its super true

  • lou_steezy

    That Richie Conklin fellow had a nice snowboard.

  • Luke Thompson

    I’ve seen them once. they were small and stuff.

  • ryaN

    jerm had no comments for this video?

  • Stiffuh

    Stiffuh (STFU)

  • OrieKatswilleatus


  • passion of the christ

    Randy Newman is the danks

  • BINGO!

    That dino board is so much fun to ride.