Designer Hump Day with Aaron Draplin


Whether you realize it or not, if you snowboard, you’ve seen Aaron Draplin’s work. Hell, if you’ve driven down an American Interstate in the last year you’ve likely seen his work. From his early days with Snowboarder Magazine, then as part of the Snowboard Mag crew, coupled with strong brand identities for Coal and Union, Draplin has made a name for himself with strong typography and bold vector illustrations. Those little Field Notes notebooks you see in the hands of snowboarders, hipsters, and general smart people… Draplin designed those, too.

Draplin’s personality as is as bold and strong as the typefaces that have defined his graphic style. He’s passionate about making things look good, without the bullshit. If you’re one of the 160,000 or so of us who watched his “America is Fucked (Graphically)” tirade,  you’ve seen that passion first hand.

We sat Draplin down to find out a bit about how a man from the midwest, with strong roots in snowboarding, ends up on stage doing national design lectures. There was too much good stuff for one installment, so this is Part One. Be sure to stop back next week for a second installment. These are a must-watch for anyone with an interest in the design or creative fields, especially those of you looking to get into those fields with regards to snowboarding.

Be sure to check out the work and daily ranting of the Draplin Design Co.

Watch part 2 of the interview here.

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  1. hot toddy
    hot toddy says:

    keep art in snowboarding for fuck’s sake.

    (and NO, I’m not talking about getting emo-artsy with the dreamcatcher feather-fairy rainbow unicorn wolf-shirt kinda “art.” you’re lying to yourself if you think you’re a gypsy) fucking spray paint your burton er something. Get krafty, like mac and cheese. as a matter of fact, go ahead and glue some mac and cheese on your board.

    and in conclusion: futura bold is the JAM.

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