Story Time with Uncle Russ Russ: Euro One Ups

Last week Russell Winfield wrapped up Part Two of his first story. We learned about riots, dickhead’s from France and of course, the Cowboy Bar. Good news, in Part One of Uncle Russ’ second story takes us right back into the thick of it, right back to the Cowboy Bar. Take it away Russell…

After my first Euroland trip I was very, very, very excited to go back. I remember being in the train station in Paris. We met some American girls who actually knew some kid that I went to elementary school with. Next thing I know I’m back in the Cowboy Bar! Of course the owner and the manager remembered us! They gave us big hugs and once again free reign of the bar. Questionable decision on his part? Yes. We decided that we needed to do something extra funny! Hmm, what are we gonna do. Well to start we lined up 20 shot glasses on the bar and grabbed a bottle of GET 31, which is some sort of Schnapps or something. We drank our ten then began to party. Since it was already so late we fumbled around for a bit then decided to go to bed so we could at least make it to the hill the next early afternoon. One of the beauties of France is the Jambon Formage and Baguette sandwiches. It really isn’t anything special just ham and cheese on a long roll but man after an evening of drinking, WOW! Well any how when we got to the hill we saw these contraptions called SnoScoots! No frickin’ way! How cool do those things look! Well there goes snowboarding for the day. We decided that we were going to see if we could kill ourselves on theses things!

When you could film a part in six days distractions were the best for of entertainment.

Another super cool thing about France is some resorts have a train that actually will take you to the top of the Mountain in a tunnel. This gave us time to figure out how we were going to leave our mark this time! The riot from our first trip was going to be hard to beat, but by golly we did! On the way down, back into the village, we decided that we were going to have to be naked by the end of the night. If you didn’t you would have to give the other person some money. I can’t remember exactly how much but it wasn’t like ten bucks. We went back to the hotel to get fresh dressed and shower and out we went. A little dinner just to coat the stomach then to the Cowboy Bar. We were only there for like an hour and it was still real early like 7PM. All of a sudden while I am talking with the bartender I hear something, “I am Satan” Smack! “I am Satan.” Smack! Smack! I whip around and DR is standing on a cocktail table with an older French couple drinking wine. Now the thing that got me is that his pants were down to his ankles and he was smackin’ his ass trying to convince these poor people that he in fact was Satan! I’m sure they did believe him. After about a good 45 seconds of that he jumped off the table and came over to the bar and sat down. Now, people I am not a man of few words, but after witnessing this I was speechless. I just high-fived him and got back to my Drink. “Damn.” I thought. I didn’t know if we were really gonna do this but I guess we are. We continued to drink and I was looking for my opportunity…

Come back next week to see how, why and where Russell got naked. Come back next week to see why Russ thinks this story could help guys hook-up with Euro babes. Come back next week because this story is about to shoot the moon…

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    This is officially, hands-down, my absolute favorite feature on Yobeat. Definitely need to keep these stories coming.

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