Beresford Boards Ski Sundown


If you’ve never snowboarded in Connecticut, well, you’re like most people. Chris Beresford shows you how it’s done.

  • terry lebonte

    I miss that place. Nice work brother, looking to see a bit more outa Breau though.

  • jerm

    i went there once, had an 80 foot double barrel rail. had to try and bomb from the top around a corner just to get enough speed to try and clean it.

  • 4one3

    the dude kills it.

  • bb

    he was boosting that flat up rail. front three off was crazy lookin.

  • hot toddy

    nobody cares, jerm.




    Yea Beresford!!!!!

  • mikerav


  • minnesotanice

    sierra nevada pale ale hoodie ftw

  • karnkarn

    the yellow chairs are a bright sight

  • ct all day