AWSM is out of Products; Now Reviewing Humans

You know you’ve made it as a human being when Todd Richards writes a review of you for his website. Someday, we hope to get reviewed by Todd, until then, we’re settling for reposting his Iikka Backstrom review.

This will be AWSM’s second ‘actual human’ review. Iikka is an interesting example of the human species from Finland. If you’re not familiar with Finland and what it’s done for skateboarding & snowboarding, Google Aarto Saari and the fuzzy little foreigner, Iikka. Now, lets get down to the nitty gritty. Iikka is the closest thing the planet has to a real live Muppet. It’s hard to put a label on his personality. Mostly, it’s just confused. I’ve never seen someone look so baffled all the time. I personally love when he talks to his Finnish friends. It sounds like an old dial-up modem talking to a fax machine with “dude” or “bro” thrown in for good measure. I love Iikka. I hope all of you out there get a chance to meet him someday. I know you ladies are excited. Although, I wouldn’t get too tingly. Iikka is one of the only people I’ve ever witnessed successfully ‘cock block’ himself at a bar. Hooray for Finland!

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