A Wicked East Coast Hump Day with Mike Ravelson


Double duty in Laconia. All photos: Cole Martin.

Born in Mass,  Loon Mountain regular, rail slayer. No it’s not Chris Grenier, but Mike Ravelson does have an odd love for him.  Mikey Rav, as I hear he’s known, has been seen in countless banger east coast edits as well as featured in more than a few of High Cascade Snowboard Camp’s summer session edits.  You may not know him, or care about him, but you should.  Mikey Rav is taking on snowboarding and life the way a lot more people should.  Now take a minute and read about college girls, ex Canadian strippers, and maybe some snowboarding through the eyes of Mikey Rav.

Jerm: Why are you in love with Chris Grenier?

Mike: hahahahahaha. Well…he grew up in Southborough Mass which is like 20 minutes from my house. So I was always hearing about him and what he was doing. then I saw his fire fight part and it was fucking sick. Kinda the first guy in snowboarding I really looked up to

Who do you think is a bigger Red Sox fan, you or him?

Definitely him. That guy takes his New England sports serious.

Plymouth Party style. Photo: Cole Martin

I understand you’ve spent some time in Plymouth NH, everyone always claims the parties there. Is it all hype or is that place on point?

Plymouth is on point. It’s just sick cause everyone’s down for having a good time. One big family here.

One of your friends told me about this freshman girl orientation thing where they had to bang you. Did they succeed?

Hahahaha no. Unfortunately not. I made out with her, never got any further than that. I would have been down though.

Is that because she might have found out about you getting caught beating off in your dorm or getting a black eye from a girl?

Hahaha well the aggressive jerk is a given. That shit was pretty much a daily routine for me. As for getting a black eye, that sucked! My fault I guess though.

Rav is reaching for something…

How’s it going as leader of the Plymouth State Snowboard Club? And how do you come into that position?

The snowboard club is fucking sick. I’m actually the vice president right now. It’s cool, we just plan trips and find ways to spend the money the school gives us on snowboarding.

Like tubes, pizza and booze?

Eggs actley! Hopefully the school doesn’t see this, but we plan a bunch of legitimate stuff too. But we have our fun.

Don’t worry, nobody reads Yobeat.

Of course not.

Woosta’ Front Board. Photo: Cole Martin

Alright lets keep moving into Mike Ravelson the snowboarder. How would you describe your snowboarding in 4 words or less.

Fuck this is hard. Definitely loose, stupid, uncanny, I don’t really know. I can’t describe my snowboarding, I just do it.

Fair enough. I hear your dad doesn’t understand snowboarding at all. How is that possible when you’re so involved in it?

He’s just an old school dude. All about work and jobs and what not. He’s literally asked me the same question every time I go snowboarding to hit rails. “What’s the difference between snowboarding in Boston or the mountain?” He just doesn’t get it, but he’s real supportive I guess. Sent me to camp back in the day, I owe a bunch to them.

Sick. So whats the home mountain for you?

Well it all started at Ski Ward in Shrewsbury, my buddy Nick Espo got me into snowboarding and we rode their half pipe there for a few years, then in high school we went to Wachusett everyday after school, and now we’re both at Plymouth riding Loon a bunch, and Loon is the shit!

Did you ever go to the East Coast Invitational at Wachusett? That contest was real sick.

That contest was amazing. That was one of those things I always aspired to be a part of. Unfortunately they don’t do it anymore. I actually have a pretty funny story from that contest. I was real into Shane Flood at the time, but didn’t really get to watch many videos of him, so I didn’t really know what was up. So at the East Coast invitational I thought I was walking up to Shane Flood to get his autograph when it was really Lucas Magoon. He signed “whats up gooner” on my helmet, and my friends and I were like what the hell does that mean. But I was siked when I figured it out. Lucas kills it too.

Haha sick. I remember seeing Flood there. Had this crazy ass horror movie hockey mask on his high back.

That guy’s amazing, definitely a huge inspiration.

Worcester 50-50 action. Photo: Cole Martin

Besides confusing Lucas for Flood what is one thing snowboarding wise you wish you had never done?

I don’t know… I guess nothing, just because if I hadn’t done something, I might not be here doing this interview right now haha. Siked to be where I am right now, in life and snowboarding.

Ever lay down any epically horrid moves, like an 8 kink zeach or bs 10 nute?

Hell ya, this year I’ve had my fair share of zeaches. I’ve done some heinous tricks in my day.

You ever film something and say to yourself “oh man I wonder what Jerm is going to have to say about this?”

To be honest. Yes. Which is fucked up.

Haha. What’s the first trick you were real stoked on learning?

Hmm, probably a tail press my first year at HCSC. That summer Scott was my coach and helped me a bunch. I remember riding away after not aggressively tapping the rail. That was sick.

What about the most recent trick?

Umm, to be honest I really haven’t learned at tricks this season haha. Just trying to film cool stuff. But over the summer I did some switch backside 270’s, that was awesome learning those.

You are a man of many moves, got anything new you’re trying to learn or do?

Not anything in particular, just try to stay well rounded. I just like doing things that feel good, nothing like a good lipslide or front board.

A man of many tricks. Photo: Cole Martin

Does your washed up snowboarder/washed up filmer/washed up frat boy/ washed up agent help you with all of this?

Haha, the snake. Tanner’s the man, I owe a lot to him and Harry Hagan this year helping me out with filming. It’s awesome having guys like them who are down to drive you to spots and help you get tricks on film.

Sounds good. Enough about snowboarding though. There’s a few things I need to hear about. Whats up with you hitting on 15 year old girls?

Hahaha what? I got nothing for that one Jerm. I’m trying to think if I have, but I honestly got nothing haha.

Fair enough. How about the stripper you brought back from Canada?

Hahahaha, wow. She was an ex stripper. Crazy night, my buddies were smoking cigarettes on the street and this girl bummed a cigarette from them. They got to talking, she literally ditched the guy she was with to come to our room and chill with us. She was cool, my buddy passed out and she drew all over him. She was gnarly though, we had to trick her to leaving the room and locked her out. She banged on the door for like 10 minutes then bailed.

Pretty solid. Any other wild travel stories like that?

I once passed out on a random street in Mexico. Luckily my friends saw me. Sketchy spot. But that night with the stripper was insane. That one can’t be beat.

Apparently Rav went to Vermont once too. Photo: Cole Martin

All right almost through all the questions I have. Let’s say you have one run left snowboarding in your life where do you go and what do you want to do before you get to the bottom?

Ok, gonna be at Mt. Hood, with all the homies. Just take a bunch of turns. Do some aggressive tail blocks, go upside down a few times get siked on my friends. Actually no, Loon Mountain, spring day, same scenario. As long as everyone I ride with at Loon everyday is there. That run is gonna be epic. Especially if I get to see Ian Hart stomp the shit out of a double cork on the last run.

Sounds good. Well that’s all the questions I’ve got. Anything you want to say to the people?

Hmmm…I guess all I have to say is thanks. And….STACE

And now, Rav circa 2007

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    should have had Tommy do this hump day. Does Jerm even know Rav?
    but whatever. Rav. You’re killing it!!!!!

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    Jerm is sick. rav is sicker and tanner is a god damn ex pro for world industries, guy sure does know how to roofy some girls at his frat party’s tho.

  3. derek
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    i remember seeing flood’s hockey mask high back at wachusett that year too… considering he’s one of my favorite riders, he’s definitely a little scary

  4. jerm
    jerm says:

    hadnt seen that edit before, not bad. the crippler blew me away though, i didnt know it was possible to flip in the pipe that low in the tranny haha. upstatemike, go lay down.

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