America Rules! Anderson and Guldemond win TAC Slope

The Arctic Challenge is a wrap and the nice thing for us, since it went down in Europe hours ago, the full recap and photos are already posted on the official website. That means we just had to copy and paste to bring you all the news! Now that is our kind of reporting! Here ya go:

Impressive runs, blue skies

Chas the charmer had a major impact on the final day of riding. The judges simply couldn’t resist his mix of a cab 270 fs board, switch 50-50 method on the canon, cab 1260, bs 1080, 50-50 bs 3 and a double bs rodeo. Guldemond’s 89,1 points had an early entry on the score board, but with riders like Tyler Flanagen stomping his landings, Eric Willett doing incredible switch bs 1260 double corks and Ulrik Badertscher with his mad professor improvisations, Chas had to keep on his toes until the very end of the finals. Finally he could lower his shoulders and be crowned as a true champion in the picturesque scenery of the Norwegian woods.

Keep on riding

While some would pop a bottle of bubbly and party on after receiving 15.000 dollars, Chas was already back on the hill. He continued exploring the beautiful wilderness of Oslo by taking a few extra runs, probably figuring out the tricks he would do in his next contest. -The competition was great, the weather was great and the course was the best it`s been for the whole week. The level of riding was amazing, and I can`t believe my run went through and stuck through all the way to the podium. I feel amazing right now, and couldn’t be any happier, says Chas Guldemond. -It means a lot to me to do well here at The Oakley Arctic Challenge, and it feels so good to be here in Norway, because it reminds me of home.

The owner of the event, Terje HÃ¥konsen, confirmed that when the sun comes out, the riders shine at their best. —It’s cool to watch when the overall level is that good, with minor details determining the winner, was his comment on today’s riding.

The worlds number one sealed the deal with consistant riding.

Best single trick score

Jamie Anderson was crowned the winner of women`s finals of The Oakley Arctic Challenge with a run containing a noseslide, a 50-50 bs 180 mute, a huge ss bs 540, bs 360, a tailslide 270 out and a  bs 540 indy on the last jump. The tailslide 270 out gave her a maximum score of 10 on the 5th element. After her impressive riding sha can walk away with 15000$ in her pocket, and the honour of being the first ever female rider to win  a first prize at the Oakley Arctic Challenge. She is also qualified for the Worlds Championship in Oslo 2012

“I was never crowned the prom queen, but finally I got my crown”, she commented at the prize ceremony.

Impressive entry

A cool night made it possible for the girls to come in hot on the jumps today. The girls made a solid impression in their entry at The Oakley Arctic Challenge and proved that they are here to stay. An injury for Thea Stanshagen and a breath taking huck on a bs 360 from Kjersti kept the audience in suspence, but no major injuries occurred. Solid 720s and a bs 900 attempt showed the audience that the technical level of girls riding are on the rise.

The Oakley Arctic Challenge 2011 would like to thank all the riders for one hell of a final and a week to remember!

Results men

1. Chas Guldemond USA 89,1 points 30.000$

2. Tyler Flanagan USA 88,9 points 15.000$

3. Sage Kotsenburg USA 86,4 points 10.000$

4. Seppe Smiths BEL 84,9 points

5. Mark McMorris CAN 82,2 points

6. Gjermund Braaten NOR 77,2 points

7. Ulrik Badertscher NOR 73,7 points

8. Per Iver Grimsrud NOR 66,1 points

9. Ethan Morgan GER 60,7 points

10. Eric Willett USA 53,9 points

Results women

1. Anderson Jamie (USA) 87,4

2. O´Brien, Spencer (CAN) 85,1

3. Jones Jenny (GBR) 75,7

4. Maas, Cheryl (NED) 75,2

5. Stenshagen, Thea (NOR)68,7

6. Buaas; Kjersti Ostgaard (NOR) 65,2