Storytime with Uncle Russ Russ: Euroland 1.2

Last week Story Time with Uncle Russ Russ launched. Russell Winfield, snowboarding’s greatest Black rider of all time and legendary party animal, began Part 1 of his first trip to Europe. The story cut off with Russell and crew being ditched by the French Ride distributors in some abandoned hotel in Sweden. With a camp to coach and good times to be had the boys woke up, found their campers and continued their absurd journey through Europe. Uncle Russ Russ will take it from here…

Think this is an exaggeration? Nah, here’s proof in print form.

Early the next morning we found our Swedes, who were headed by Gregor. He was a huge Swedish influence in action sports and a solid dude. We went to the hill and started to do some big backside 180’s off this cat track into the flat. Woo-HOO fun! There was this one kid who really got our attention. He goes by Ingmar “Buckshoot ” Backman! Yup, backside air Backman! He was killing it to the point where we called Steph, out team manager and had to tell her about this kid!

You know there is something about them Scanners, they seem like kindred spirits to us Americans. We seemed to have the same agenda! We not only coached these kids on the hill but also at the club. At the club Dale came up to me while I was working on finding myself a “female workout partner for the night” and told me that one of the bouncers (a dude) was blowing kisses at one of our campers (another dude). Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with man-on-man love as long as that’s what both parties want, but this Swedish kid was feelin’ kind of uncomfortable, so Dale and I decided to go and have a talk with the bouncer. The camper must have liked what they saw because the next thing I knew there were glasses, then chairs and finally people flying all over the place.

The fight spilled out into the streets of Tignes. Cars were being flipped over, the Police were called. I remember lookin’ back through the blonde mob and seeing a camper hanging from the club sign until it let loose. The sign came crashing to the ground with him still on it. Needless to say, I had never been a part of an all out riot and was stunned by it. Somethings don’t change though no matter where in the world you are. In this case it was the age-old adage, “Blame it on the black guy.“ And that’s just what they did.

Stock Swedish Polis shot.

When the police show up they very quickly surrounded me. Unlike US cops they didn’t jump on me and press my face into the ground, but instead got on each side of me and very lightly grabbed me by the elbow. At this point the blond mob decided that they were not in favor of me being detained, so they decided to flip the cop car over. Dale looked at me and said, “Dude, they don’t have any guns.” I looked down and he has right, all they had was pepper spray with pistol grips.

So, I decided to break free from them and sprint like Husain Bolt. I ran and jumped off this dirt cliff that I thought was about three feet, it ended up being about 10. Thank god there was a good landing and I have a background in baseball. I slid it out and was now on the lower level of the town. Mind you by this point all this running and fighting is wearing my buzz off. Not good. The police caught up with me and we did the Looney Tunes thing of chasing each other around a car for a minute or so. I decided that I wasn’t going to get away. Luckily they didn’t arrest me but they did make me promise that I wouldn’t start any more riots while in their town. Needles to say the Swedes thought that was the best trip they had ever been on and I was with them on that. We did things different in our day. It was more about connecting directly with the fans! A bit more intimate!

-Uncle Russ Russ

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  1. bluemont
    bluemont says:

    Now THIS is snowboard journalism.

    I WANT MORE!!!

    Uncle Russ Russ!!!! hahaha. That new nickname of yours is a little bit scary, but completely and incredibly awesome.

  2. Yomama
    Yomama says:

    Yes, please post more….plenty of material to work with. Johnny America’s, Mangy Moose, Kirklandia….oh and there’s always Jippy…..ahhhh the good ol’ days!

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