Exclusive Embed! The Art of Flight Teaser

Actually that’s a lie. We stole the embed code from the always clever editors at Boardistan. If you haven’t seen it elsewhere yet, this shit is, as they say, fucking nuts.

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  1. Bags O' Ass
    Bags O' Ass says:

    I prefer Hero Cams, 1 chip handhelds, and watching kids hit the same box 100 times. This shit is lame!

  2. Bags O'Ass
    Bags O'Ass says:

    Either they shot it in 3D and it will be offered in 3D, or the didnt, and it wont. I am too lazy to Google it.

  3. Sam
    Sam says:

    tgr played with 3D last year. Just not a lot too off because of the whole white backdrop deal…..anywho, sick. FKNA.

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