2011 Mt Baker Banked Slalom Coverage Fail

We didn’t make it to the Banked Slalom this year. It was a regrettable decision, but we assured ourselves, our colleagues in the snowboard media would be out in force and prompt coverage would be a given. But then, a good way into the Grammy’s, we realized, we still didn’t know who won! Was it Terje? Was it Maelle Ricker for the 5th time in a row? Even twitter didn’t know. Shortly after we went to bed, Mt Baker finally posted the results, but seriously, do we have to do everything around here? Can’t we just go ride slush at Ski Bowl sometimes?

Pro Men: Harry Kearney 1:28.07 Norwood, Colorado 17
Pro Women: Maelle Ricker 1:31.31 Squamish, British Columbia 32
Pro Masters: Mark Fawcett 1:28.52 Nelson, British Columbia 39
Older Amateurs: Nate Kewin 1:32.17 Vancouver, British Columbia 26
Women Amateurs: Kari Hoss 1:38.74 Montgomery, Vermont 24
Masters: Ben Wordsworth 1:32.08 South Melbourne, AUSTRALIA 34
Women Masters: Tanya Simonson 1:36.49 Bozeman, Montana 31
Mid Masters: Eric Warble 1:34.81 Edwards, Colorado, 40
Grand Masters Mike Hattrup 1:48.02 Kent, Washington 51
Super Masters Bob Satushek 1:54.69 Deming, Washington 63
Next Generation Cody Warble 1:40.59 Edwards, Colorado 11
Juniors: Gus Warbington 1:34.83 Bend, Oregon 15
Younger Amateurs: Jerry Mark 1:32.47 Telluride , Colorado 18

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