Five Days Late with BLS


True Gangsta’ Rappers grow up in shitty projects, get shot at, sell drugs, drop out of school and have a whole lot of bad shit happen to them. Some join gangs, and all do whatever the fuck they want. So obviously white snowboard kids feel a little connected to the gangsta’ world. I mean, they have crew names (read: gang) and do whatever they want (within the terrain park code of conduct of course). Why are we posting this video? Cuz the song is fun to listen to, the riding is fun and impressive for a bunch of kids riding a bunny hill with rails and their crew name is Bitches Looking Stupid. Duh we support them.

Riders: Jeffy Gabrick, Jordan Daniels, Eli Mcelwain, Cole Linzmeyer, Shane Hochette, Josh Tranby, Aaron Becker, Vanessa Moore, and Dane Byron,

Filmed and edited by Chris Duncan and Brett Spurr

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