Learn more About Jamie Lynn and Win A Board

1: A smorgasbord of snowboarding’s movers-and-shakers explain how Jamie was the first of his kind–apparently, it’s all in the cowboy stance. Jamie recalls a story of how Mike Ranquet and co. influenced him to savvy up to cab tricks and how, a few years later while riding with Terje Haaksonen in Norway, Jamie would put down the biggest cab-5 anyone had seen yet. In short, the style continues.

2. Win-a-Board Powder & Rails Facebook Contest. Enter today through 2/25

Love Powder & Rails? Want to win a free board of your choice from the folks at Burton? If you answered yes (and I hope you did) then you are going to love the FIRST EVER Powder & Rails Contest. How do I win you ask? Easy! We want to see you design your own snowboard using the assets we provided plus whatever the hell else you want to, lay it out on the template and email it back to us. But we want to see you interpret our snowboarding show in your board design!

Legendary Jeff Brushie and the producer of Powder & Rails, Trevar Cushing, will judge the entries!

Winner gets a Burton board of their choice (not the Method board sorry) and a year subscription to Vice. The four runner ups get a year subscription to Vice. We will also be featuring our favorite boards on our Facebook page.

You can enter The Powder Board Design Contest here: http://on.fb.me/gtK5xf

Sponsored by Burton, Presented by VICE and Powder & Rails