Gremlinz Teaser Promo FULL MOVIE?

Dirt, drugs, guns, babes, playing in avalanches, skateboarding and snowboarding. Sounds like a pretty filthy teaser to us. But the Gremlinz took this teaser to another level. It’s 26 minutes long, contains multiple full parts, enough incriminating evidence to justify a search warrant and some really good riding. They are calling a Fall drop date, and if this teaser teases anything, it’s that this video is going to be one long, awesome and grime-covered look into the the world of the Gremlinz.

  • yeah boi first comment

  • brobeat

    tyler should have never dropped t9 for fucking caked.

  • Slappy

    Download this off Vimeo jus goto the right side of the page where the video is and it says download this movie “Right Click” > “Download Linked File” might take a while but will be full quality way more crispy

  • matty

    why? its not like t9 was paying him…and their boards are terrible. smoking for caked is a closer call

  • 4one3

    straight fire.

  • jerm

    the pinnacle. it doesnt get much better.

  • brobeat

    yea but is caked… didnt think so.

  • brobeat

    atleast tyler had a shot with t9. now hes just fucked.

  • caked on point

  • zeaches for dayys!!! rkelly keep the swivels up lol. Gremlinz are straight blowing it in all aspects of snowboarding

  • tyler


  • bill

    Everyone in this movie needs to get punched in the face. Might give them some perspective on things. They also probably need to shower.

    Unless there are working on a new snowboard-biathalon event for Sochi 2014 they should lose the firearms.

    If I ran Forum, Cioffi would get one warning and next time he is in a video with automatic weapons and dudes throwing molotov cocktails his contract would be null and void.

    When you guys grow up you will understand.

  • Rossarita

    Pretty sure none of those guns were full auto, just semi auto… where I come from that is legal.

  • mn

    bill… dont hate because they get to live a fucking fun lifestyle while you work in a cubicle all day. another thing, that is why you dont run forum jackass, because niko shreds, you dont see these clips in forum vids for a reason you fool

  • GBP

    Better Quality

  • ble

    tyler lynch is a beast


    THUUUG LIFE! (I still don’t think white kids can pull if off that well, especially when you grow up in the burbs)

    Overall Solid Snowboarding!

  • steveo

    fuck yeah fortier slaying

  • Z

    Caked is ill, bill is gay, gremlinz is tight, everyone killin it

  • mn

    i think the soundtrack could use a bit of work though. most of that shit was unbearale

  • jjj

    vt raises em tough bill. dont go there you won’t like it.Tyler shuts shit down. daglish shuts shit down.

  • rk

    So wit it. Bill is a grumpy old man who obviously has never been to VT in his life, nor knows much about firearms to know the difference between auto and semi. And what kind of real man would ever talk smack about making molotov cocktails? It’s not like they were doing drive-by’s and throwing them through windows…. Boarding was sweet, looks like Gremlinz is gonna have all the fun of Rutland but with the talent level cranked up times a million. count me in for a pre-order on this one.

  • chea

    Sick video, anyone know the name of the first song in the intro?


    new info coming from yo beat headquarters…..shaun white droped burton rides for caked because he wants to get laid

  • fuck everyone hatin! looks like you guys are havin fun..lose the swivvels though!

  • Bill why so serious…? this is king. not showering is good for you.

  • Travis Parker

    what is the name of the song that starts at 7:48