Snow Nerds


This is why you don’t move to SLC. Enjoy Mica Minute #18.

  • Doobers

    Holy skate biter batman!

  • jerm

    solid questions.

  • jawbone


  • james

    why do snowboarders bite skateboarding so hard, in the end most still look like rollerbladers.

  • Mike

    What I thought this was gonna be some classical physics being explained while doing a triple cork…..

  • jim

    good stuff

  • Possuuuum

    Gigi first double cork?

  • Loved it. Questions were pretty old school focused, but either way it was probably one of my favorite non-riding videos.

  • Major, Shred

    You know I thought this would be a bunch of trivia questions about snow and backcountry awareness. I don’t know why I thought that highly of you Congratulations on some more bull shit, I’m sure that was fun to make.

  • sd
  • hater skater

    backcountry awareness is for girls bro!!

  • Sean Black getting posters signed by Dylan and MFM at the SLC T9 premiere makes him the bigger nerd by far …

  • bhmm..

    Major… youbeat didnt make this..

    nice mica. thanks.

  • BenB

    I loved it!

  • csm

    i would rape this type of questioning