Mt. Baker Powder Run


Occasionally the park edits and bing-bang-boom rail edits get super fucking old. This video is for those of us who want to go snowboarding, not watch the youth of never-going-to-happen dick around on boxes and hit pathetic jumps. This is the video for the guy supporting the industry, sitting behind a desk somewhere, wishing he could hike the forbidden peaks of Mt. Baker. Wishing powder really was splashing against his face. Wishing that this stupid GoPro footage was actually in front of him. This is the POV of a Mt. Baker powder run, and this is as good as it gets.

Shot with the GoPro® Helmet HERO™ Wide Camera

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  1. Bags O'Ass
    Bags O'Ass says:

    Uneventful? How is that less eventful than watching some kid in breathable Saran Wrap snowboarding down a set of stairs utilizing a feature designed to aid the elderly and infirmed scale a hill?

  2. Gaper
    Gaper says:

    There needs to be a building to building gap jump for it to be eventful to the kids nowadays. AF and pow! How can that be wrong?

  3. Bags O'Ass
    Bags O'Ass says:

    Sam, stoked your link was at least not footage from Quebec city. This video is of a couple of dudes who probably have the money for a proformed Hero Cam, not a TGR budget, like the video in your link. If that is uneventful, I will take uneventful any day of the year.

  4. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Man, that was so boring and so entertaining at the same time. I mean, usually the only time a first-person powder run is fun is when it’s down Mendehall Towers or something crazy like that… But there was just so much un-touched snow out there and it was such a nice looking day, I couldn’t help but enjoy it

  5. Gerg!
    Gerg! says:

    Are you really letting a skier take your first tracks!!?!? That was enough for me to stop watching and start staring at the large chested MILF giving away tshirts!

  6. Fonzie
    Fonzie says:

    Man, helmet/head cams are so corny. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. Damnit though, I am that guy trapped behind a desk wishing I was riding some pow… so, thanks for posting?

  7. Sam
    Sam says:

    Bags O’Ass, thanks for understanding. but you don’t need much of a budget to hike teton pass/jackson with the hero on 🙂

  8. dick
    dick says:


    this is what gopros should be used for. no one like pov park shit unless your tim humphreys. not to mention that horrible static sound these things make. POV POW all day

  9. Possuuuum
    Possuuuum says:

    I cannot agree more with what Nick wrote but if I skinned all the way up there I sure as hell wouldnt have skipped all those windlips and natural jumps. Uneventful indeed.

  10. dick.
    dick. says:

    Nick Lipton, the “youth of never-going-to-happen” should stomp your nutsack in. Do not disrespect the ones who make this site a success. Without them you’d no doubt be writing arrogant critiques on a gay male porn blog.

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