Loonatics Episode 7


When Loonatics Episode 7 landed on our table we didn’t even hesitate. Here’s Chris Grenier, Ian Hart, some other guys, and Nick Doucette crushing Loon.

  • My dudes! Everyone best recognize these kids know whats up. Not to mention Skylar Brent is a fuckin BOSS!

  • totally great!

  • Such sick riding to such awful music… either way that was incredible. So many hard-way spins, I could watch that on mute all day

  • _


  • ari

    inda but

  • fuckkkk yeah. thats the shit. KTC keeps making the best edits..

    upstate. crew killing shit right there…

  • aaron fraher

    holy flyin bags of shit that was good

  • J-Bone Gouveia

    rav, oooey gooey hams

  • nonnah

    so good. where was rego though?

  • huh?

    some other guys? the description of this video is a little off. Every one of these riders should have thier name up there.

  • this shit sucked.. too many hammers to comprhend in one edit, i had to like watch this over an over again. i dont even know who i am anymore after watching this

  • fuck yeah. that shit was mad hoard


    Some damn good riding to some wacka flocka flame can’t get much better than that!!

  • karnkarn

    ^^ Sums up. I Love Henry Padden

  • Minn

    Heavy riding with some heavy flocka beats!!

  • Kevin

    “next big thing(s)”

  • johnny o’connor’s whole part is switch. hes regular. just sayin.

  • Flocka! That edit was the jump to my board

  • puph

    For Johnny Brady! Hell yeah!

  • MD

    Hammertime. The sledges were DROPPED! whoa.

  • Hansi

    holy shit, best one yet

  • half cab methods for Steve Brady… I can get with that

  • Brent

    Snowboarding’s about having fun and being happy. Why would you put it to music that finds it necessary to use the N word to sound tough? Fail.

  • your mom goes to college

    ^^hahaaaha made my day


    this is too good for the smartass’s of yobeat. these guys are from the future. how nuts!

  • darkmangler

    mike rav!!!

  • bg


  • damn

    holy shit!

  • six was way better

    skyler way to many unnecessary kids in this video…shouldve made it just johnny, dylan, rav, and grenier

  • wiggitysplicket

    ^ur dumb

  • 1