WFTC Minesota B Footy


Saved from a dead harddrive at long last.

Riders: Cole Linzmeyer, Jordan Daniels, Colin Ofloy, Kent Leng, Connor Southard, Brett Spur, Scott Rutherford
Edit: John Cywinski

  • samson


  • minnesotanice

    totally drove past my old work in the begining there haha.

  • alex

    the riding for this video looks good but the filming is pretty not good

  • jets fool

    i know its b footy but that one rail is like a 12 stair…

  • hUh

    alex the filming is sick ur dumb. this movies gonna be flame

  • jerm


  • jerm

    ^not me. i thought it was alright, its entertaining.

  • Kevin Maples

    seriously b footy more like z footy jesus dont post this

  • pc skigull

    i agree maples