The Jerm Edit

Internet celebrity is a funny thing. You can earn it for being good at something, but more often, it comes with less desirable attributes. In Jerm’s case, “celebrity” is debatable, but if you frequent any website that posts videos of snowboarding, you probably know the name. Easily the most frequent commenter on this site, it was time to see if it was just all talk. So we told Jerm, stop filming first person cooking with that GoPro and put it in the hands of the kids you are allegedly teaching — let’s see this shit! But posting the Jerm edit without a little commentary wouldn’t be right, so we recruited a few of those subjected to him the past to offer their thoughts on the Jerm Edit.


I’m just gonna get straight to the point here. This little movie you seem to have made is most likely blowing some peoples’ minds right about now. Not only can you write a good summary on some lame edit or post witty comments, you can also do some pretty sweet maneuvers on that snowboard of yours, but you definitely could have caught the tranny just a tad bit more on that downflatdown. You’re good at jumping over rails and to the ends of them, so I’m thinking you were a Track and Field kid during high school. I’m probably right. I’ve always gotten the “athlete” impression from you. Even though there’s solid maneuvers, this edit is pretty bland, and the song doesn’t really help, but the SAGA outerwear sure does! I give this a C+. There is much more room for improvement, and Jerm, you should have capitalized on it. That’s all for now.


Andrew Nagel.

First off Jerm, you’re not at Bear Mountain in a Transworld Sunday in the Park video, stop trying to do little wallride tappy things at the end of every rail. And I bet you rewind your stiffy at 0:36 over and over so you can get a stiffy.

that is all. — Seamus Foster.

“Ah yes, the infamous ‘Jerm’. Most of the time this cyber-terrorist can be found ruthlessly scouring the online snowboarding community attempting to single-handedly shatter the hopes and dreams young snowboarders. After years of furiously working his frustrated fingers across the keyboard of hatred, Jerm finally caught a break along with a reason to take his hands out of his pants and go snowboarding. What was his motivation one might ask? Free outerwear. Free Saga outerwear. About 4 or 5 retaliation comments deep on his “Rejected Edits” write-up, Jerm replied, “Smerc youd turn down free outerwear? or are you still on that “skiing is gay” thing? its all the same and all dumb.” Well, that’s funny. I know plenty of snowboarders, including myself, who would rather ride naked then look like a carbon copy of every freeskier and their sister at Park City. Now I could sit and hate all day long, be a hypocrite, and not give your snowboarding any justice, but that wouldn’t be fair.

First off, excellent song choice. It’s very fast paced and inspiring, yet, not too distracting from the riding. I can appreciate your creativity and the desire to snowboard in an uncommon fashion, hitting features in unexpected ways. What’s the term? Skate-influenced? You had some really nice presses in there for sure. I’ve yet to see someone press an Amplid like that. Nice work. Towards the end you did a really smooth frontside invert… just a few more inches and you would have made it to the coping, Tony. And I’m glad you gave some time for the music to play out after that last bangin’ line… really had to let that one process. On the bright side, it looked like you and all your friends were having a great time riding together and that’s all that matters.” -Andrew Aldridge

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  1. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    jumping over stuff and trying to weird shit doesnt work when you dress like a skier in neon and wear a helmet. and suck.

  2. mattn
    mattn says:

    i dont care how good he is, his comments are funny. but you totally should have let me review that. it only requires one word:

  3. heyupstatescrewyou
    heyupstatescrewyou says:

    hahahahahaha you kids don’t know that their’s other snowboarders that wears saga and they really know how to snowboard.

  4. heyupstatescrewyou
    heyupstatescrewyou says:

    it’s not like you that wears tight pants and wide stance and doesnt bend knees. if you hate on it so much upstate make a edit of you shredding and we will judge who’s the better person. also fuck you.

  5. IceCoastingIt
    IceCoastingIt says:

    I’ve often thought to myself “I bet I’m better than this Jerm kid” and after watching this edit I have proof.

    PS: Upstate Mike rips shit and would also beat the living piss out of anyone who says otherwise hahahaha

  6. saga2
    saga2 says:

    jerm probably will make you look bad with the bag of tricks he has. don’t hate on what he wears because his actually wearing outerwear. also dont hate on him as well because your probably nowhere near with what jerm does. THE END

  7. yeeeeeahhh
    yeeeeeahhh says:

    hahahahahaha so this is the new future of Ski and Snowboard club vail? I think he’s a coach there…. what a terrible hire for a coach, a dickhead internet commenter that does wannabe creative tricks. Isn’t SSCV all about creating olympians?

  8. saga2
    saga2 says:

    also icecoasting it

    yeah upstate might kill it on boxes, but thats not anything near like i said again to what jerm does.

    to make this a fair game

    if your so oh upstatemike is this and that tell him to make a edit and like i said again we will see who’s the better person.

  9. saga2
    saga2 says:


    hey forest bailey does creative wannabe tricks as well. are you calling everyone that does creative wannabe tricks lame. hmmmm at least there having fun on their snowboard than every kid that tries the same tricks as every other kid in the park. do you even know how to use your edges? let me guess i guess not.

  10. jerm
    jerm says:

    p.s. im into the reviews, pretty solid. except for seamus. so only people from bear mtn can ride the way they want now?

  11. so
    so says:

    An 11 year old, huh? I was wondering why all the shots were a good 10-20 feet farther away than they should have been.

  12. turd ferguson
    turd ferguson says:

    alright jerm. we get it. you’re the almighty god of all that is snowboarding and nobody will ever be on the level that you’re on. its cool to bash snowboarding…….NOT. oh and its cool for you to critique what everyones doing in their videos but when someone says your tappy gay wallride things are dumb you get butthurt? ah wait, its fine, you’re jerm: the god of the yobeat comment-board.

  13. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Man I hate to say it Jerm, but that tripod at 0:48 was pretty weak… You need to plant both hands solid, really stretch that shit out and hold it for a second before you pop out of it… And for god sakes will you start from the top of at least one rail? I mean shit, you skip the entire fun part of that kink every time!

    Other than that, not bad

  14. travioli
    travioli says:

    How can people hate – if he rode my mountain he’d be the coolest ski, I mean snowboard instructor in town…I mean shit, he’d prolly get a Burton Pro-Form Card he’s so cool. No no no, we all know he doesn’t suck – yet not at all impressive. He’ll have a place in the internet bro-fest forever – I say hate on Jerm

  15. sogay. outerwear
    sogay. outerwear says:

    click my username for jerms own PRO MODEL STICKER!!! this shit is hot so get them while you can!
    sogay outerwear: an apparel company for the markest of mark asses.

  16. SSCV
    SSCV says:

    if this was at work, I don’t think that the 11 y/o parents would be too thrilled that he had him film for multiple runs through vail’s long terrain park. They are paying thousands of dollars. He is also not wearing the SSCV coaches uniform, what a pure lyin’ scoundrel.

  17. fire
    fire says:

    this is whack on so many levels… Jerm now that I know your a kook and can’t snowboard, your words mean nothing. As if they ever did. mark ass……

  18. tom b
    tom b says:

    ….jerm is homies with the crew that are apparently “the only people who can do those tricks”….and chances are you had never heard of him before yobeat…..the dude kills it with some solid solid style

  19. boardjumpz
    boardjumpz says:

    Yeah Jerm! So fresh/so hesh at the same time! And why the saga hate? I’m not a big fan of that particular jacket, but they do have some really clean looking stuff

  20. Magic Johnson
    Magic Johnson says:

    i agree with ^turd ferg… too many god damn coaches in snowboarding these days. jerm your edit sucked. the song was irritating, the filming was poor, and the riding was annoying and pitiful.

  21. David V
    David V says:

    You all need to stop hating. Especially the tools who have the balls to make their name “KeafDaSpleaf” and expect people to assume you’re good at anything besides blazing and trying to be in the next F.O.D.T. video with your open jacket and Rasta colors. Jerm is a good friend of mine and is teaching kids half your age how to do double corks. He was my coach for a day at Nationals in CO and I got first place. And for you “turd ferguson” snowBOARDING doesn’t need coaching, snowBOARDERS need coaching. You obviously need a personal “coach” in English class. Learn proper grammar you dipshit. After a few runs of messing around in an absolutely mediocre park, you’re all blowing him up with so much hate but you just look ridiculous. Jerm is my boy and his style is ill whether it be how he rides or how he dresses. That’s the beauty of snowboarding. You can wear whatever and ride however the hell you want to without blog trolls riding your dick. There’s no wrong way to have fun. Keep killing it and getting famous Jerm. I love how angry you’re making these novices.

  22. david's gay lover
    david's gay lover says:

    is he also teaching these kids how to begin the day with alcoholic energy drinks and to post countless mean comments about fellow snowboards on the internet?

  23. turd ferguson
    turd ferguson says:

    hey dave, what my comment meant was “why are coaches involved in the sport of snowboarding”…get off your high horse douche bag

  24. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    hahaha. what the fuck is “saga”??? literally have no idea what it is. is it skier outerwear? cause if so then it makes sense why he looks like a skier.

    i’d “make an edit” and “post it up” if i actually gave a fuck and still made edits of myself like a 15 year old. it wouldnt be lame park laps if i did, i’ll tell ya that much.

    coaches in snowboarding are the fucking downfall of the sport. i literally have no respect what so ever for anything you will ever say about anyone, ever, because you’re a fucking snowboard coach.

    i’m gonna go train, i mean snowboard.

  25. Major, Shred
    Major, Shred says:

    Jerm is real, I’m just glad you are not a stupid gypsy. There is way too many stupid gypsies. Stop falling off of rails in stylish rails and stomp that shit.

  26. saga2
    saga2 says:

    ok damn i didnt know this will extend to 69 comments.


    hey also didn’t you know that jerm is actual friends with forest bailey. no i didn’t think so. i seen forest go big and do what jerm does as well, so i don’t know what your trying to say here. just stop commenting please.

    also for anyone that doesn’t know saga is a company out of utah that supports both skiers and snowboarders if you guys didn’t know. no there not stupid and really they work really well compare to jeans and such.

    also upstate make a edit and let yobeat put it up on the People’s Court and we will see who’s the better snowboarder.

  27. hater skater
    hater skater says:

    it amazes me how people working in companies still haven’t learned not to comment when their company is getting’s just embarassing. and as for jerm, he has hated on countless edits better than his and it’s obvious that if he chose to post this he would get some, so no need to get butthurt. oh and the fact that he looks like a skier shouldn’t matter, but it’s really hard not to make fun of it

  28. hey saga
    hey saga says:

    If these are actual saga reps commenting back against the words of a child you guys suck even more thian I imagined. And sick name drop. Too bad forest Bailey is a real snowboarder and would never wear your gay shit.

  29. Thirsty convoy
    Thirsty convoy says:

    Gonna go on record with this… Nike makes footballs and baseball hats… Saga makes ski shit. Stand up for our shit and fuck outsiders.. Thought that is why we are all here. Now go buy something.

  30. Zack
    Zack says:

    Everyone on here is a bunch of limp dick retards and need to calm down. It doesn’t matter what brand you ride as long as it’s warm and comfortable. As for Jerm if you’re gonna shit on almost every decent edit and then post something of the same quality that’s just ass backwards. I’m not saying you’re bad, but if you’re going to post something, do a good job of it and not film yourself hopping over and on to the very end of rails.

  31. imposter
    imposter says:

    Dear Dave (or David V?),
    Last time someone got on to anyone on this site about grammar, they were shunned from the snowboarding community forever. Are you going to be the next douche? Also… it is a known fact that most coaches can’t even do the tricks they teach, therefor him being a snowboard coach doesn’t mean anything. The only thing he is good at is bashing edits with no justification for his right to do so. We all know you and your butt buddy Jerm are pros, but this edit is pretty good. Cool but weird tricks, okay music, and funny coach outerwear. I give it a C-/D+ for effort. Now you are on your way to glory jerm! Keep it up, you might just advance from coach to student soon!

  32. yo momma
    yo momma says:

    Andrew Aldridge, this is your mother speaking! I really don’t think you were very nice to that other fellow. All you boys need to be nicer to one another! Come into the house honey, I’ve got juiceboxes and pb&j’s with the crust cut off, just the way you like it.

  33. mn
    mn says:

    i doubt any of these comments are hurting jerms feelings. he wouldnt give yobeat an edit to post if he didnt expect a shitstorm of hate. after all, he is THE snowboarding community’s internet hater. so basically, all you people crying let jerm win.
    as for saga, just please stop defending yourself and jerm…. thats humiliating

  34. jerm
    jerm says:

    mn you got it exactly right. the jerm edit has been requested time and time again. so with my new yobeat semi status i decided to give the internet what it wanted. and now some 80 comments later its turned into the gayest thing in snowboarding, just like i expected it would.

  35. jerm
    jerm says:

    oh and master of poop, i wasnt just messing around. this is for the most part how i would ride on a normal day. it is what it is, if people arent into it oh well, im not worried. i just try to keep it clean and interesting.

  36. Eric
    Eric says:

    If you’re going to generate so much negativity on the internet, perhaps you should try actually hitting a feature. It’s evident from your edits that you suck worse than many of the people you hate on, which makes me question what’s wrong with you? Are you that bitter you suck? Is your penis in fact that small? Did your Daddy hit you too much as a child? Regardless of your reason for finding flaws in every edit, your comments are barely amusing. Don’t get off on your yobeat fame too much; At the end of the day, you will remain a nobody and a loser.

  37. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    I seriously hope you’re not an official representative for Saga because if you are my first impression of the company would be that it’s completely retarded… I mean seriously, I know you want to wrap yourself up in Jerms scrotum like it’s some kind of blanket, but did you seriously just try to say he’s on the same level as Forest Bailey? I mean, Jerms cool and all, I like reading his comments, but if he were on the same level as Forest don’t you think he’d be doing a little more with his talents than riding for your company while coaching for Vail and making hate comments on obscure internet message boards?

    Seriously, Forest is way above Jerm’s skill level. Until I see JERM stomp a 20ft high double-backflip off a 4ft high stall wall, he won’t even come close.

  38. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    I’m not saying it sucked… I’m just saying if we’re comparing this edit to Forest Bailey, you’re more of an RC Cola than a Coke

  39. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Wow, that last comment was pure gold, you sure showed me… maybe there’s a career in the witty-internet-comment-board industry for you after all

  40. pizzonu
    pizzonu says:

    Are these real Saga rep comments? Cause I dont know shit about your company but if your on here defending this then you are retarded and should just stick to skiing. Maybe in a couple years you can steal the who hesh thing and have hesh skiers all over, then snowboaders can create a new persona. As for this edit. Meh.. its not the worst way to spend 1:12. Jerm you really a coach? can you teach me how to get fired from my job?

  41. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    I love it how some people take some things in here so seriously… If you haven’t yet, you’ve got to re-read all these comments from first to last… pure comedy gold

  42. Griffindor
    Griffindor says:

    I reapetedly found my head tilted to the right, trying to keep it level. That filmer has some work to do.

  43. tc
    tc says:

    Jerm has a bad case of “pussy-legs”. It looks like he has to try oh so very hard to get his little body off the ground

  44. gypsypussylosers
    gypsypussylosers says:

    i love how much everyone is hating on skiing, but you all sound as fucking retarded as kids on, the shithole of dumbass skiers.

  45. Simon
    Simon says:

    Just a heads up guys “jerm” is about 26ish and is damn good at snowboarding. I have ridden with him at windells, he coaches there and he is better than every single person on this comment board. He had a video part FROM 4 YEARS AGO This debate shouldn’t really be happening, the guy doesn’t care what any of you think and I can tell you right now that he is loving this outcry against him right now. Jerm accept my friend request on facebook already, I know that you read this and I know you know who this is.

  46. CMI
    CMI says:

    Haha. I would have never posted an edit like this of myself. I dont care how high an opinion you have of yourself. Mediocre riding to shitty music. Even if the intent here was irony it was a miserable failure. Ironic videos only work if youre killing it so hard that everyone overlooks the music. Unfortunately, bumping into a couple knee high rails and dragging your tail over a knuckle doesnt qualify as impressive riding in my book. Epic fail. At least this allows the snowboarding community to take your comments with a grain of salt. You telling someone that they are bad at snowboarding is about the equivalent of a third string QB giving advice to Tom Brady. They can both play the game but sometimes maybe its better if you just sit down and shut the fuck up.

  47. StLouisAlaskan
    StLouisAlaskan says:

    This nigga is so bitchmade. ridin at vail and shit, hatin on people all the time. nice helmet breh. did it come with a sweet team jersey? have you ever hit a handrail or even shoveled your own spot? i just really can’t look at a shit park edit and give this kid any daps. such a slap in the face to anyone that spends 2-3 hours getting a spot ready and standing around in the cold all day for a 3 second clip that you feel wasn’t up to your ‘park robot’ standards. anyone can ride a park guy, go out and shovel a spot, make an edit on that, then send it in.

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