People’s Court: Sean Fithian vs Mark Rainery


There is one elusive goal in snowboarding that many riders always dream about but some never get to experience. That goal is the powder day. Powder riding is where snowboarding began. Surfing the white fluffy wave is something everyone should enjoy in their lifetime. The two riders in this week’s People’s Court have not only reached the deep white mecca of snowboarding, they fucking killed it. Enjoy the first freeriding People’s Court, pick your favorite edit, and book a flight to where the snow is steep and deep.

**This battle also marks another first in People’s Court history. Starting today, the edit receiving the most votes over the entire month will take home a Banshee Bungee for their efforts. The grand prize winner will not be determined until the end of each month.**

Sean Fithian

Mark Rainery

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If you think these guys suck and you are way better, or you’d just like to be part of the People’s Court, send a link to your video (on vimeo or youtube, please – videos hosted on other platforms will not be be considered) with your name, address, size and a little bit about yourself to [email protected] If you’re chosen for the battle, we’ll send you an email when it goes live. Each week, the battle winner will receive a prize from the YoBeat Store. As of February 2011, the video with the single most votes each calender month will also receive a Banshee Bungee.

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Mandatory Disclaimer
: Battles are open to any amateur snowboarder. As long as you are not getting paid by any brand, you are eligible to compete. You may choose your size, but not style (prizes are given away based on availability.) Videos should be submitted by the rider, not the videographer or your asshole friends. But whatever.

25 replies
  1. Mark
    Mark says:

    Hey seth, seth, seth, seth, seth, sean, seth. can i use your computer later to vote for me mememe mememe

  2. herpderp
    herpderp says:

    Mark’s edit had better tricks, but whoever edited it needs to get their shit together. De-interlace that shit man.

  3. mistahfabbydavis
    mistahfabbydavis says:

    god powder’s fun, but for jeebus it’s really boring to watch unless it’s like Travis Rice. Oh look at me do slashes, look at me hold the gopro, ohhhh. Park and urban are jus more exciting to watch. These guys i’m sure killed it, but I couldn’t even watch the edits after a few seconds

  4. matty
    matty says:

    what the fuck is this shit? powder? like oh my gawdddd that is the gayest snowboard fad yet. real snowboarding is rails and cheap ales.

  5. Sam
    Sam says:

    Mark for sure. While i liked the first guys style on his spins – the 90’s stuff was rad – some of those longer lines drew on forever…also, why the non-landed front 1 off that cliff?

  6. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    I can’t stand people who have awkward buttered takeoffs for their spins. That first guy was like pre-spinning his back 180’s like he was about to huck a 12. But then again, at least he didn’t have a poorly exported video of himself hitting ten-stairs and making out with the go-pro to rap music…

    Both had good riding but I voted for the first dude

  7. NCScott
    NCScott says:

    (crying)…i hate powder!!! (sob, sob)…parks and rails are the only thing that matter in snowboarding….(cry cry)…why can’t these edits be more exciting (long sob)?!!!


  8. Styles
    Styles says:

    The goal of this is powder riding yaaahh?? Well obviously Sean’s part covered that mejor than mark ass buster but mark ass buster killed trick harder. If I vote for seth will mark spank me?

  9. party
    party says:

    bottom line mark’s videography was way better. not only does mark go bigger his video was fun. i want to note, it looks like sean can shred some pow, thumbs up. but if we’re gonna talk pow, mark slays it in AK POWDER and sean can shred dry snow… also playing black sabbath doesn’t mean you’re hardcore and you kill it, it just means you have good taste in music.

  10. *****shits
    *****shits says:

    Seriously, these guys know whats up. I went with Sean, but it was a tuffeee. Urban is cool but snowboarding is all about the (benjamins) POW!

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