$99 Park Laps at Waterville

The crew at Waterville has clearly seen the number of park lap edits pumped onto the Internet daily and thought, well, golly gee, the kids seem to like doing park laps, let’s make it affordable to do so! Just like that, they are offering a $99 pass this season enabling you to lap the exhibition park til your heart’s content, and making some pretty nice little edits to promote it.

Are you a park junky addicted to lapping through the terrain park all day? Do you have a seasons pass to another mountain but miss Exhibition? Want to be part of the biggest event scene on the east coast? If so then Waterville Valley has your fix. It’s called the Poma Laps Park Pass. For a meager $99 bucks you can spend your days lapping Waterville’s award winning Exhibition Terrain Park and revamped Superpipe via it’s own Poma Lift.

This pass offers unlimited access with no black out dates to WV’s Exhibition and Superpipe starting Saturday Jan. 22, 2011 through Exhibition’s closing date. Bring your skateboard along as well. The Poma Laps Park Pass also gives you unlimited access to Waterville’s indoor mini-ramp underneath Bucket’s Bones and Brews deck.

Poma Laps Park Passes can be purchased at the Waterville Valley Season Pass office or online at Waterville.com. Get yours and make some Hot Laps.