Hump Day has an Awkward Conversation with Chris Carr


All photos Mike Azevedo

Chris Carr is not only one of my good friends, but is hands down my favorite snowboarder. His effortless style and creativity make him not just fun to watch, but to ride with as well. Chris is the guy who will find some thing to hit that no one else would even think of, then absolutely destroy it. The result is unique photos and videos, but more importantly, a guy who you will always have a good time riding with.

I know you have New Hampshire pride. It’s hard not to, it’s such a beautiful place, if you had to pick your favorite things about NH what would it be?

My family and my girlfriend Megan live there, friends, cold bitter icy winters, springtime, swimming, feeding mosquitoes in the summer, fall foliage, fishing, thirteen miles of coastline, good surf breaks, Eastern Boarder, Plymouth State University, Loon Mountain, Waterville Valley, Pats Peak, Tuckerman Ravine, minimal traffic, for the most part (I grew up in a town with two flashing lights), NHDs, the state motto. The list could go on. It just has a good vibe and I appreciate my roots.

Good answer, I am with all of those things, except the girlfriend. Tell me about how you started snowboarding…where it was, who it was with, gimme the goods!?

I was doing an after school program at Pats Peak and I saw my friend Lee wearing enormous JNCO jeans and a joker hat, riding a Rossi Corn board, if I can remember correctly. He was hauling ass, totally out of control, it looked like the most excellent time! (His kit was on point too.) I tried boarding shortly after that, minus the JNCO’s, unfortunately. I still frequent Pats Peak, that place rules, fun boarding, and even better people watching at times, underage kids cranking butts and swearing at people off the chairlift. This place is home to the world the famous “Hurricane” and hands down the most scrumptious M&M cookies ever.

Raising the dead. 5-0 at the Crematory.

You definitely are well known name around New England, and have been for a few years (like it or not), were there any real points that you feel helped you to get where you are now? Could you kind of give us the low-down on that?

What sold me on snowboarding (other than the sole act of boarding) were the Iron Curtain and Ben Fee movies. All those dudes killed it and they were always breaking shit and having an awesome time. Then, my senior year of high school, I was taking at least two days off a week and going boarding somewhere (Thanks to the Murray brothers.) I would tell my high school that I was looking at colleges. I hit a few bumps and I was always getting in trouble so it was just easier for my teachers when I wasn’t there. My family has always been supportive so I’m very thankful for that. Going to PSU helped for sure, there’s an advantage when you have the best snowboard parks on the East thirty minutes away.

Was filming street rails and stuff off of the mountain just kind of a natural progression for you, or were you focusing on getting photos, and getting shots because you were trying to do something within the snowboard realm?

I just wanted to progress and snowboard for myself. I met Vedo (Mike Azevedo) my freshman year at college and he was always down to shoot photos. I bought a TRV900 and a baby death lens, so we’d go out all the time and board on whatever. Filming and shooting photos has always been a more practical aspect of snowboarding for me. Just being on my own program.

Ready for Huntin’, fishin’ or back lippin’ Photo:

Tell me a good Big Mike Story.

There are too many Big Mike stories, I wouldn’t even know where to begin. Hang out with him for an evening, have him paint you something real pretty, or better yet get a tattoo from him. You’ll be in for a treat. He is a genius, I shit you not.

Other than the Big Marquise, who are you really hyped on? Who’s on the come up right now?

Anyone doing this shit for the right reasons, shop guys, old timers, first timers, locals, all the buzzards who are “washed up and still riding,” everyone “zeaching,” my dad who is still ripping, and my nephew Maximus who will be free-styling in no time! There’s a few east coasters stirring things up, stay tuned for the Loonatics edits those guys are delivering some goods!

Chimney Jam to fakie. Somewhere in New Hampshire. Photo:

Tell me what’s going on with Salomon, it seems like there’s a really good crew over there…am I correct?

It’s the shit, great people, quality product and good times especially when that Salomon tab is flowing! The team is on point, Java concocted quite the squad. Nothing but good times when everyone is together, especially with Arnie5k’s comic relief. They be knowin’… It’s also pretty amazing that nobody cared when we drew dicks, wrote “powered by cum” and all this other shit on the outside of the RV during the tour last year. Except the guy who rented the RV to us, apparently he was not very pleased…we got this note from the RV man.

“There were pictures of giant penises and tits, upside down crosses, and something about cum. We found a marijuana pipe and cigarettes. There were 5 pairs of dirty underwear that I had to pick up with my own hands. It’s like the devil rented this thing from us.”

The RV?…If by “RV” you mean the fucking white Van you guys left on the side of 495 in the pouring rain?

50-50 on a never-been-done-before triple kink in Manchester, NH. Photo:

You and Megan drove cross country last summer. Is there any spot that you’d tell your close friends, “you NEED to go there,” or any other really interesting experiences on the way?

You could spend years cruising around and not even see half of it. Chiricahua National Monument is an amazing place, as well as Angels Landing in Zion National Park, to name a few. Unfortunately, if you take the Southern route, Texas is pretty much unavoidable to visit. Lots of open road, poofy hair, and XXL turd cutters… While camped here some locals, country music, and a gasoline fire greeted us in the middle of the night. They were also smoking chemical weed and aggressively pounding water. As we drank our beer with two turtles on the label, we learned that their beverage of choice is “Cuuurs and Cuuuuurrs light” the same fellow then mentioned that “Budweiser is n****r beer”… I disagree with that racist and ignorant comment, anyone who enjoys a fresh Budweiser should do so. I sure do.

People are fuuucked man. It’s insane. Let’s wrap this shit up. Tell me ‘bout the sponsors? Who’s taking care of business for you?

All of the folks at Salomon, Eastern Boarder, Ass Industries, and Dakine are.

Out of New England. 50-50 to wallride. Cleveland OH. Photo:

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