Crap, We Missed the X Games

Like a car crash, the X Games are hard not to watch. First of all, it’s a chance to see some pretty impressive (or ridiculous, depending on your perspective) boarding from the comfort of your couch and second, it’s so just easy to make fun of. This year, however, I only caught glimpses of X between free beers and exciting new product developments at SIA. Thankfully, live TV did not stop the twit-o-sphere from sharing the real dirt, so here are a few of our favorite tweets and a few photos from @Timzimmerman who somehow got suckered into to going to X with a media pass.

On Mens Superpipe:

-“Save your style for your video part. This is the X-Games.” – Get an f’ing grip! Total bullshit.

On Skiing:

-So, as far as I can tell, the difference between aerial freestyle skiing and ski big air at X is tall t’s and landing backwards.

On Security:

-Today I will shoot a photo of every security guard I see at X. It’s a good thing I brought a lot of memory cards.

-Scaling the summit of parking attendant mountain isn’t easy. It’s part troll toll bridge & part not-the-droids-you’re-looking-for Jedi trick

-A media pass at X is totally worthless. Might as well shoot from the highway.

On Real Street

-So far the only legit tricks going down at ‘snowboard street’ practice have been from Louif & Sauve. Totally legit: sideways on concrete.

On, well, you know:

-I’m trying to figure out when Shane Flood got sponsored by Target & Burton and started competing in the X-Games. Oh wait, really?

Scotty Lago, as seen through the “Zimmerman filter”

We also heard Chaz snubbed Blanco when Shaun asked to tail him through the slopestyle course after arriving late to practice. Shaun finished 13th. Luckily, things went better in the halfpipe. Here is the winning run, even more impressive in his nut huggers.

For more twitter highlights, check out Represhed who beat us to this brilliant coverage concept. If you want real recaps and videos, photos, whatever, just head over to the circus’s official website.

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  1. boardjumpz
    boardjumpz says:

    I would have to say some of the maneuvers in the rail section of slope finals were more impressive than real street, Flanagan’s front three on gap was nuts.

  2. ZippyJibber
    ZippyJibber says:

    Nice coverage! Here are my thoughts:

    “Double Cork” is the most over used phrase of the X-Games. The announcers sucked ass on men’s slope style and must have decided that any rotation over a 7 automatically counted as a double cork. Last time I checked you actually had to get inverted for that to count.

    “Triple Cork” does not mean a triple back flip with a 180 at the beginning. That just a triple back flip with a 180. Horgmo went big, but it was no where near as clean as the clip that debuted the triple cork last year.

    “Street” I’ve seen better tricks at my local hill. Other than JEremy Jones and the dude who won the event, no one was doing anything impressive or next level. I don’t know if JP Walker was protesting or what, but he was not the “Don” I was hoping would show up.

    “Halfpipe” Holy draw dropping shit, Batman. Unreal how huge these guys go. I guess. Nothing bad to say here.

    That’s all I got. Oh yeah, if you want to see what’s really going on out there check out the video section on SNS. They aren’t X-Gamers, but who the fuck cares.

  3. stevedave
    stevedave says:

    Actually, Louif was killing that concrete ledge, doing lots of “impressive” and “next level” tricks. I don’t know where you ride, but I’m pretty sure nobody there is doing the tricks Louif was. And just because Jeremy Jones kept both feet in his bindings and chucked himself down that retarded stair set up doesn’t make it impressive and/or next level. It makes it dumb stunt-boarding, which was very appropriate for that event.

  4. ZippyJibber
    ZippyJibber says:


    Go to you local hill and count the number of riders who can 270 on and off of a rail or ledge. That’s not next level. Just because it’s 40 feet long doesn’t make it that much harder for an advanced rider to lock into.

    As for Jeremy. 270 onto a handrail 16 feet down is impressive.

    But I feel you on the meat chucking and stunt board. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the X-Games folks want. That’s why they build those types of side shows.

  5. ^eh?
    ^eh? says:

    louif and nick were killing it. you’ve got shit twisted if you think jeremy jones did anything rad. any half way decent snowboarder in that environment could have chucked themselves around like he did. i gotta agree with @boardjumpz the slopestyle riders were doing moves.

  6. Brent
    Brent says:

    WTF’s with JP Walker? Seriously, the yellow round rail every hit? He needs to start doing commercials for Vagisil.

  7. mn
    mn says:

    haha zippy jibber, jeremy jones got worked every single hit in the rail contest. louif and sauve killed it. joe deserved a medal for doing a lay back and front board crail. unfortunately, the majority of people watching probably thought those were mistakes

  8. what the fuck does keir dillon know?
    what the fuck does keir dillon know? says:

    its a back lip keir dillon, not a front board. i thought you were a snowboarder…?

  9. jerm
    jerm says:

    whites first double was sooo big and slow. gotta give it up for anyone who is starting to doubles slowly and not as chucked.

  10. shredface
    shredface says:

    i guess i should start following zimmerman. and white’s makeover is pretty sweet. you know the xgames are legit when the biggest story is shaun white’s skinny jeans.

  11. mark
    mark says:

    wait, laybacks arent mistakes?!?>!?>?11>!>!!?? WHAT!! LAME!!

    shaun white wasnt up to his olympic medal level though when landing, he kept having to reset his edge and something i actually liked about his riding is that his olympic runs he never lamed out. (if you flame me for saying something positive about shaun white…you really enjoy donkey penises…in yomouth…its snowboarding, chill).

    but watching this

    shaun was seriously. fucking. lame. his run didnt even look like he was having any fun yet there were few technical aspects to it…IS THE WHITE DRAGON GOING DOWN?!?!??!?? one can only guess.

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