VG’s Shoot The Moon Preteaser

Year three is a biggie for the Videograss crew. First off, they’ve got two videos coming out, second they’ve got Nick Dirks back from his leg snapping injury and third, they’ve got Shoot the Moon. This video is going to blow minds, I can feel it. From Dirks’ three knockout shots in this teaser to more broken boards and hammer time activities than I’ve seen in a long time. Next to Travis Rice’s new movie, this should be the one that blows your mind.

  • mn

    jesus christ

  • fucking shit fuck.

  • bb

    ham in the trap house

  • aaron fraher

    holy flyin bags of shit

  • holy shit.

  • tyler.

    oh my damn.

  • that was hammertime central.

  • ashblaster

    Banger bangers and bangin!

  • poopsauce

    another banger, or should i say, “smanger”

  • upstatemike.

    i just pooped my pants and got a boner at the same time.

  • hmm

    rad rad rad.

  • YEes

    Had to back it up so many times!

  • dang dick nirks back in action. can’t wait