Rejected Edits: Less Mean, More Funny!


This week, at the suggestion of the Internet, Jerm decided to try out snowboarding for the first time. As it turns out, he kind of likes it, so we had to get someone to fill in his duties while he was out “getting rad.” Luckily, Rumorator von Rumorstein works cheap and accepts bribes, so this week, it’s all him. Please note, he has a lisp, so you should read these reviews as such.

Mo’ Fucking Sasquatch

First off, you’ve got some grimy-assed reggae track on there, and by 17 seconds in there was not one joint, blunt or bong rip. I think you missed the point on this one.  Honestly I had to shut this thing down at the 2:51 because I couldn’t take it anymore. You’ve got entire minutes of just riding down the groomer, from beginner feature to beginner feature. I imagine this how all those ex-girlfriends I made sit through snowboarding videos felt. Okay, so I turned it back on. And I caught the exact same film, remade with a skier and a flutist playing “The Girl From Ipanema,” poorly. Plus at the end the credits read “edited by Chance and Ryan.” I think that’s a bit of a stretch. Don’t you boys?

Hood Rat MONDAY Tuesday Featuring ZDC

Shit. This one isn’t too bad. I mean it’s got potential. Fast riding, good music  and fun graphic effects. Too bad it’s from Bear. That scene has been done, so you need to step it way up to make it brand fucking new again. Also, don’t let  your friend with Parkinson’s run the camera.

MLK Shredit

Editor: Hey Rumorator, did you watch the MLK Shredit from gnarsauce yet?

Rumorator: I did. I love seeing people ride in Tennessee, and odd ball places like that.

Editor: That video is from Colorado.

Rumorator: What the shit? Where’s the snow and the mountains and that stuff? You’re not going to put that up are you?

Editor: Nah, it’s going in rejected edits.

Day at Vail from Akaz

This video does a pretty good job of capturing the essence of Vail, without giving you the leg burn.  For real, they love traverses there. This isn’t a horrible edit. It’s kind of like amateur porn. It’s the same kind of things you do, but the scenery looks a little better, the soundtrack is more appealing and you’re not seeing any disco bush. Plus, tomorrow you’ll be able to find pretty much the exact same film from some other people. You’ll watch it again, and it won’t be the worst way to pass the time waiting for your Chinese food.

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  • less money

    keep lisp guy, he made an “ironic” and semi-funny porn analogy. plus jerm’s pledged his allegiance to the skiing world

  • I love that shit lipton said about Parkinson and the camera man

  • McYack

    oh hell yeah, dope ass tindy to zeach

  • ryanN

    the bear video has already been on yobeat

  • dubstep is like being stuck on a rollercoaster ride that you don’t want to be on

  • nancy

    dubstep ruins any video. its fucking annoying

  • jim

    here’s the new zdc edit. Still Sloppy Still FUN.

  • @RyanN My bad. Got the right one in there now. SIA brain melt. I assume the review still applies.

  • jerm

    for the hoodrats. richie, youre a sick skater, next time your firends make a snowboarding edit just substitute in your skating, its so much better.

  • ryanN

    @admin the newer one you posted is actually kinda good, should probably be re-reviewed

  • Atmosphere

    Kush and OJ

  • less money

    oh and i assume you didnt mean to do a pop-in every single time on that down rail.. or did you?

  • mistahfabbydavis

    you all are lucky Jerm wasn’t rejecting those…. they were aweful

  • bb

    there are 2 kinds of people in this world
    those that think dubstep is sick!
    and those that have a good taste in music.

  • Amanda

    Viva la Jerm

  • yeeeeeahhh

    There are two kinds of people in this world
    those that like to party and have fun
    and dullards.

  • sucka

    for the hoodrats..snowboard more party less

  • karnkarn

    theres good dub, once again this is not it, a bunch of unrelated sounds and samples mushed together. Only very carefully could it be used effectively without making it ecstasy club bop garbage.

  • Christine

    less mean… also less funny.

  • Hater McBater

    dubstep is waterboarding for your ears

  • maxhelm

    sasquatch……. you stink. you are making me ashamed of my home mountain. which is a shame, because believe it or not, there is a whole lot more to do than hit the same 10 features run after run. plus, those features suck anyways. they’re all shorter than your limp dicks. that missile looks aight. where was that when AZ snowbowl wasn’t a place for hesh skiier fags? get some tall tees or quit complaining. AZ PRIDE vatos locos 4evers

  • arizona kid

    ps what the fuck kind of name is chance st. george? fag