SIA 2011 DAY 2: Back for More

Unlike miniramps at skate tradeshows, it’s easy to drop in on the session at the Salomon booth. All the snowboarders are busy taking photos with their phones.

Day two of SIA 2011 happened and it was a lot like day one. New products, familiar faces, etc, but there were a few key differences:

-All hangovers were provided by the Burton stripper party. We’d post lots of awesome pictures but they don’t let you take pictures at strip clubs, duh.
-There was a Videograss teaser premiere at Salomon.
-Terry Kidwell was there.

Connor from MNMNT totally met Terry Kidwell. We didn’t but we took a picture of him once, so pretend we did.

That about sums it up. Two more days to go, and we’ve still got booths to check out, elbows to rub. If you’re not here, you’re probably thinking, man, I would love to go to SIA, quit bitching. But if you are here, you understand and I’d like to provide a few pointers for surviving the next two days of the show.

– Your lips are probably chapped. Ski accessory companies love to give out free chapstick. Head over into the annals of the convention center and pick yours up.
– You know how your back and neck are killing you? It’s because you’re standing all day, but also because of your badge that is quickly filling with business cards and weighing you down. Even though the old ladies at the door insist you MUST have it around your neck, wearing it as a dangler from your belt loop will make all the difference.
-Start asking different questions. At this point, every one has explained their season is going great, they’re really having fun riding, and the show is going really well 150-plus times. Get a little more creative. For example, ask if they’ve boned any hot Denver sluts yet.
-Trade show security is really cracking down on beer and booths serving beer illegally. You can avoid getting anyone in trouble by finding one of the few booths who paid $800 for an official keg and getting a beer there. Then save your cup and use it for all beers after that. If you’re drinking from the official ski-brand sponsored cup, no one can say anything!
-Remember, at least you’re not at the X Games.

The future is now at Academy. Seriously, the boards are from 2012!

No but seriously, we checked out a bunch more products you can start getting excited to buy. Here are lots of pictures of the stuff we checked out today. If you are not into product shots however, we recommend you read about Shaun White’s new costume.

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    dankmaster says:

    hahaha i heard about the legalize it board academy made… but wasnt sure if it was true. man theyre going down hill after scott and grendys dropped them.

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