Sur La Rue: Another Week in Norway

Good snow in the city, pretty women, good food, an un-understandable language, still dark outside at 8am — we’re still in Oslo, Norway. We got some good stuff going and still pretty stoked about being here. Actually, that’s a lie. I’m not there anymore, I had to fly back home… I’ll explain in a minute. But part of the crew is still in Scandinavia, and I wish was still there. I liked it so much I kept saying I might move over there.

This is normal what happen when you stay in the same hotel room for more then a week. You have Cavan’s pile on the right, my pile on the left and Laurent wears everything he brought so he doesn’t really have a pile…

We went out one night and I saw that sign on the wall. I didn’t see any pick pockets but I definitely saw some loose women…

Damn, Look who’s got a shovel in his hand,there must be something going on…

That’s why, I’m really not proud about it but I popped my elbow…this sucks big time and that’s why I’m back home. I have a week in a full cast to do and a little bit of rehab to do after. Could be worse.

In Oslo airport, we found this amazing sculpture. I thought it represented Laurent pretty well.

I met up with Halldor at the airport. We were on the same flight from Oslo to Newark. Funny how penises are funny, it gave me a good laugh for sure.

This is how stoked we were to see each other.

Oh yeah, we snowboarded too.

On a totally unrelated note, take a look a this video. This is unreal. I’m backin’ it.

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