SIA 2011: Day One

It’s that time of year again! Time for exciting team announcements, teaser drops and otherwise making your brand look like the most dope brand on the block. That’s right, it’s SIA, a chance to glimpse the latest and greatest, drink free beer, and have the same conversations, over and over and over.

We hopped on a flight from Portland at six this morning in order to make it to the first day of the show at a reasonable hour, and let me tell you, it was worth it! We saw so many more products first than you could ever imagine and got to tell so many more people how great out season is going than if we say, took a reasonably timed flight. Anyway, we won’t bore you with too many words, just a few highlights of day one.

Product of the year? Beard Ski! No, seriously, that’s all they make.

– Everyone (except for buyers) is issued a GoPro lanyard to hold their badge. Contour has apparently decided the way to combat this is to have girls walk around giving out Contour Lanyards. Not sure if it’s working.
-Lots of companies have implemented the tried and true strategy of boobs into their booth design. Most notably though, some brand we’ve never heard of decided to air brush out the nipples, I guess to make it more PG?
-There is no shortage of first time exhibitors boasting useless products that other failed companies have attempted to make and market for the past 25 or so years.
-The Mervin dudes are wearing moisture wicking banana suits. Seriously, they’re fashionable and functional!
-OMG! Salomon has a mini ramp!
-This year’s Volcom theme: Moto. And it seemed ridiculously tame, so let’s hope that picks up.
-Camo is fashionable again! Cue the floating torso jokes.
– 27% of of companies are reusing the exact same booth.

Sadly, these spinny binding things might actually sell this year. Thanks TRJJ!

For some reason we’re here for three more FULL DAYS (so you don’t have to ask me tomorrow when I am here ’til, ok) and we’ll be sure to bring you even more highlights, because well, that’s what we do. Until tomorrow, here are some pictures of the exciting new products we checked out today.

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    The Fake Ass Jeremy Jones needs to step up his game, join the pop shuvit revolution, and start bustin some whirlybirds off of those pussy AK spines. Then he may be considered a real snowboarder, and if he is super lucky, he may be considered “real”.

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