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***The entries have closed. Thanks to every one who entered and congratulations to Mayhem (Comment #38), Fondi (Comment #25) and MN (comment #5) the winners of our random drawing. For the rest of you, there are still two more helmets to giveaway. We’ve picked out some our favorite gnarly/harrowing/hilarious/frightening stories for you to vote on. Voting will last for one week and the comment with the most votes will win. In case we blew it though (and we may have as there were lots of worthy tales!), there is also a write in option so you can pick your favorite comment and vote (by number please!) The comment with the most write in votes will also win!

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Dramatic Reenactment performed by RJ Sweet. No interns were harmed in the making of this video.

Every snowboarder should have at least one war story. That one moment of pain and then ultimate glory when you survive and have an amazing injury story to tell at the bar. My worst snowboard injury ever wasn’t a torn ACL or a broken wrist. No, I didn’t get knocked out or even break any skin. But it was probably more painful than any of those, and more importantly, gave new meaning to the old saying, “You’ll put your eye out.”

My story begins a little bit before arriving the Keystone parking lot for some night riding. I had stopped to purchase a small tube of superglue for some MacGyver-esque repairs on my snowboard. I casually tossed it in the backseat of my car and piled my snowboard gear on top, thinking nothing of it.

As I put my goggles on over my head that day, the tube of glue, which had apparently managed to affix itself to my goggles, caught on the brim of my beanie. In one swift motion, I heard the cap “pop” and in an instant, a healthy squirt of superglue shot directly into my left eye. There was an immediate burning sensation as I instinctively put my hand to my eye. Reality set in within seconds. “Oh my god, I’ve super glued my fucking eye shut!”

Dramatic photo reenactment.

Not only were my eyelids glued shut, but also my eyeball was glued to the back of my eyelids. It was some of the worst pain and most desperate panic I have ever experienced. All alone, I yanked by now-glued hand from my face and started running into the Keystone village. I found a guest information center, and charged through the front door, pushing women and small children out of my way. “On no, did you puncture your eye skiing, Sir?” asked the woman at the desk. “NO!” I said, “I SUPER GLUED MY EYE SHUT!”

She made a few phone calls while I stood there, imagining what party tricks I could do with my new glass eye. I was escorted to Ski Patrol, where obviously, no one had any idea what to do. They ended up putting me in a room and handing me some eye drops and Vicodin. The drugs were good, but the eye drops were of little use, considering my eye was glued shut.

Super glue. Useful, but also dangerous

Finally, a doctor arrived. “Well, I’ve got some good news,” he said. “You’re not going to lose your eye. Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing I can do for you.”

I would have to see a specialist, the next day. By this time, I’d managed to get my eye unstuck from the inside of my eyelid, so I spent the next 12 or so hours feeling as if my eye was being sliced by a thousand tiny pieces of glass with every glance. Finally in the examining room, the eye doctor took a tiny scalpel, and began to slowly slice in between my eyelids. I felt a rush of fluid and puss escaping my eye socket as he finally pried my eyelids apart. He tweezered off the remaining glue and my vision slowly returned.

My eyesight may not be 20-20 anymore, but at least I have an awesome story to break the ice on any first date. In my case, a helmet might not have made a difference, but they can help prevent traumatic injury. So in honor of this harrowing tale, we’re giving away five RED Avid helmets. To win, just write your own worst injury story in the comments below.

Official Rules:

To enter: Leave a comment with your best injury story before 9 am on Wednesday, Jan 26th. Please use your REAL EMAIL address so we can contact you when you win.

Entries are open to anyone with a good injury story to tell.

Five RED Avid Helmets will be awarded:

3 helmets go to comments chosen at random. Awarded as soon as entries close. Jan 26, 2011
1 Helmet goes to the best comment selected by YoBeat and voted on by YoBeat readers. Awarded February 2, 2011
1 Additional Helmet goes to the comment with the most “write-in” votes. Awarded February 2, 2011

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  1. Brooks
    Brooks says:

    I fell riding today and split my old RED helmet open. Probably saved me a good concussion. With any luck I’ll win a new one in the draw.. fingers crossed

  2. Times Ten
    Times Ten says:

    When I was younger, I went on a snowboard trip with some buddies. We went to Fernie, B.C. It was there that I met some new people. I have for the most part not kept up with any of them. On this trip, I met a total babe at the place we were staying. She had curly reddish hair, solid music taste, good style and all that. I took some time to get to know her. She was in film school. I can’t make that up. So, at one point, I lent her my mini disc player, and kind of hoped she might get a clue. (I know, some of you might not remember mini discs).

    Earlier in the trip, my brother separated his shoulder. That is mentionable, as he had to miss the next day and a half of riding. Yet, we kept riding while he was stuck in town.

    On the last run of the trip, it finally hit me that indeed this girl had a boyfriend, and he was actually there in Fernie. That kind of bummed me out, but it was last run, and my hormonally repressed self, could get down the hill. My buddy Tim called, ‘last run’.
    I said, “Don’t ever call last run”.

    He said, “Don’t be superstitious. I don’t believe in that”.

    About 40 feet down the cat track, I separated my shoulder. The hot (taken) girl shouted, “are you okay?”

    I said something like, “no, but I’ll be alright”.

    That night Tim and my bro rolled back from Fernie to Lethbridge. The normally few hour drive took about 7 hours, because of nasty weather.

    That night I got almost no sleep and my brother didn’t think I had actually separated my shoulder(injured collarbone, whatever you call it). The math: no girl, separated shoulder, and an unbelieving brother. I guess these things come in three’s. Anyway, it did get better after. The next day’s drive home was smooth, even if I had a dose of sleep deprived attitude.

  3. Mike Malone
    Mike Malone says:

    Park Jump to back to lights out.

    Came too with people over the top of me asking if i was all right got spooked jumped up and took off down the hill. Couldn’t remember where I had parked spent the next few hours cruisen the lot before a bud saw me and helped out.

  4. burnzkid
    burnzkid says:

    Well, are we talking actually injury or just health problems? Cuz when I was little, I used to have pyloric stenosis.

    As for actual injury, when me and my brother were sprinting all out in the last 100 meters of a cross country race, he stepped on my heel, causing us both to fall, him on top of me, onto a wet, muddy, gravel road. I had a serious case of road rash, and some fairly good lacerations and chunks taken out of me. I still have bits of gravel and dirt under my skin, and scarring up my entire left arm and leg. When walking to the camp nurse’s office, the blood dripping off my left arm and pinkie left a visible blood trail that’s still there today because it stained the floor.

  5. mn
    mn says:

    when i was younger, and still learning to board, i cruised up over a hill, did a gay little spin, and slipped to my ass. i realized i was in a blind spot, and started to get up to move. as soon as i stood up, i feel god knows what slam into my back and back of my head at mach 50. i fell, tumbled for about 50 yards, then stood up to find a 6’3 australian man standing next to me. (im like 5’4 at this time.) i get up, and immediately fall back down, super light headed, and unable to breathe. i get in our big group van, to head home, lay down and about an hour into the drive, i start to feel really sick. i sit up, turn and vomit all over everyone i the vans coats and gloves and shit in the back. turns out this monstrous aussie speared me with both his tips, then flipped over me. so at least he got fucked up too.
    went to the hospital afterwards, turns out i had broken ribs, bruised lungs, and bruised kidneys. pissing blood rules.
    and that is only one of about 10 injuries ive had since then. that was the first.

  6. Fred
    Fred says:

    Was maybe my 5th day of snowboarding on a board that was pretty big for me. Got loooooooooooooots of speed then olied of a drop, flew in the air for a good 2 sec then craaaaashed onto my tail and lost control.

    Sprained both ankles and looked like a retard at work the next day ha!

  7. Nisredna
    Nisredna says:

    I was riding last week and I lost it on about the last 1/16th of a rail and caught my left butt cheek right on the end. It pulled my cheek so hard that it actually tore my butthole. Now I cringe everytime I feel the urge to take a dump because I know that my turd is going to re-open the wound and I’ll be right back where I started a week ago. Do you know how hard it is to keep an open wound clean when there is shit scooting past it at least once a day? Not very easy. That isn’t my worst injury but right now it is the one at the forefront of my mind as I sit here and type this living in constant fear of my next bowel movement.

  8. Carson
    Carson says:

    I broke my collar bone bombing down heathers canyon at meadows( i was coming down the last hill before the flat to the lift). I came around a corner and caught my nose on a block of ice left by the groomer and fell straight to my shoulder.

    A man who claimed he was a doctor rode by and decided that i had dislocated my shoulder. him and my 2 friends proceeded to try and pop my shoulder back in by holding me down and placing there foot in my armpit while pulling on my arm to pop it back in. But I didn’t dislocate my shoulder, I broke my collarbone, so this was only making it worse.

    I was taken to first aid where they gave my vicadin, which i gladly took, forgetting that i hadn’t eaten anything that day.

    On the ride home, I started to feel sick from taking vicadin on an empty stomach and told my friend to pull over. There happened to be a chair on the side of the rode. I sat down on the chair and rested my hurt collar bone/ arm on my thigh. I leaned forward very fast to puke with my arm still resting on my thigh and felt my collar bone break even more as my arm compressed into my chest as i leaned forward.

    It took 10 minutes to go from leaning forward in the chair to an upright sitting position and was the worst pain i have ever felt.

  9. Tom
    Tom says:

    It was proably my 6th time snowboarding, and the conditions were very icy. I was stupid and dedcided to go on a snake run type thing, well right away i picked up mad speed and barely got the heelside turn. The next turn was toeside and i sucked and still suck at those. Well i didnt get the turn and i got shot out of the snake run right into one of those weak net looking fences. My nose got caught in it and i face planted right into the hard packed ice. My goggles and helmet even flew off. I thought i was fine but i looked at the snow and there was blood, well my nose was bleeding. i got up and headed to the side of the slope to recover. Next thing i know im frontfliping down the run. Some skier wearing a brown work bib crashed into me, i got up, flicked off the guy, got to the bottom, and went home. it was a bad day…..

  10. turd ferguson
    turd ferguson says:

    Alright this didn’t happen to me, but it happened to my buddy while filming me. It was last year on christmas eve in good old PA and we got some snow and decided to do some filming. We found this spot behind a softball field, it was this angled box that they put bats and shit in i guess, whatever it was it was fun to snowboard on. My friend was filming and we were stackin shots, and i said “dude, climb on top of the dugout, get some sick angles”. He eventually got on top of the dugout, sort of, then slipped off from the snow on the top. On his way down, his wrist got caught on the chain link fence, ripping a solid deep gash from his wrist to his palm, coming very close to pretty important veins and what not. Needless to say it was pretty gross and there was blood everywhere and it made for a pretty shitty christmas eve.

  11. Jen
    Jen says:

    A few years back, I was snowboarding with my family. The lift we went on was in the middle of a trail (how odd). Anyways, like most snowboarders, I pulled up along the side and sat down to strap in. As soon as I got up, this middle-aged snowboarder was coming off a steep, black-diamond trail, and instead of following the signs that warned “trails merging” or “slow down”, he ignored them and slammed into and ran over me. Instead of stopping and at least making sure that I was okay, the man was a hit and run boarder. He didn’t even look back. The amount of force that built up as he sped down the hill was actually enough to make me flip over. Luckily, the only damage I had was an injured wrist and a slightly sore neck. If not for the rented helmet that I reluctantly wore, I probably would not have been that lucky. Since then, I have not been injured ever with the help of helmets, and I actually enjoy wearing them!

  12. Kevin
    Kevin says:

    About 4 years ago I came up short on a jump at mammoth trying a back 7. My toe edge dug into the snow while my body kept spinning. My tibia in my back leg popped through my skin at my ankle resulting in a sweet compound fracture and my fibula twisted and broke in 4 places.

  13. erik
    erik says:

    At northstar near the end of the main lift I was dicking around in this little quarter pipe they had. it wasn’t really a quarter pipe tho so when I ate shit trying something stupid that looked fun i hit a rock. 3 runs later i realized my pant was sticking to my knee so i looked down and had a fat rip in my pants and my kneecap was cut down to the bone. ski patrol decided i needed stiches, but I’m poor so I opted for a bandaid and rode the rest of the day. Today 3 years later i still have the scar and when it gets cold the scar turns from a shade of red to bright purple. I won’t forget that day

  14. jheels
    jheels says:

    Last sunday I was hitting a local handrail, a nice little 18 set with a crooked run in. I nosepressed it and my friend asked me to do it again and get a better picture (I have a pre-death photo). I got onto the rail and slipped out ass first before and before I knew what happened I landed knee first around the rail, and slid to the bottom. I though I was fine until I looked down and saw my left knee cap sticking about 3 inches out of the left leg part of my snowpants. It soon became very apparent that I had completely dislocated my knee cap and my friend called 911. They finally got there and spent an hour figuring out how to get me either up the hill or the stairs, while i sat there in agony with a still dislocated knee. Eventually I got to the hospital where, after the excruciating pain of having my boot and snowpants taken off, it was relocated.

  15. JeffM
    JeffM says:

    Boreal builds death knuckles = torn ACL, MCL, meniscus, and fractured fibula all in one glorifying explosion. Still didn’t take the ski patrol sled down… LIKE A BOSS

  16. Fondi
    Fondi says:

    switch front board down a tube to see ya later forward force to upside down dementia flip to neck back and clavicle while seeing into the future where a plate and 7 screws would reside but soon were removed and sent to a smelting factory for other types of alloyed robots

  17. Cole Atencio
    Cole Atencio says:

    well i got a concussion this year. i was in a coma for a day. my inserts ripped out of the bindings and the top sheet was ripped off. i need a new helmet.

  18. Tyler
    Tyler says:

    When I was a 6 years old I liked to pretend to be a cowboy. Anyways I decided to jump around the backyard with a big tent pole like it was my horse. I tripped, and my forehead met the top of the pole, which was jammed in to the lawn, with quite a bit of force. I had nine stitches and ended up with a crescent moon scar right on my forehead. Kids called me Sailor Moon for a while.

    Good times.

  19. thereal
    thereal says:

    when i was 14, i climbed on top of an arbys to throw my sandwich at people in the drive through. so i bombed this guy in a pickup and when i went to run down the ladder i tried to 007 spy slide my way down. it didnt work out and i free fell from the top and broke both my ankles. my friends bailed while the guy in the pickup slapped me around and tried to pick me up and make me walk, no good. arbys called the cops instead of an ambulance. cops showed up after the dick in the pickup left so there was no one to press charges. they called my parents and finally, 2 hours after i fell, my mom took me to the hospital.

  20. Dave
    Dave says:

    On Saturday I overshot a black jump and landed to flat. I snapped my ACL, got bloodwagonned down, and then knocked it out of position again walking to the pharmacy to get a leg brace. I screamed like a banshee, and freaked everyone in the commercial centre out. I’ve got a surgical consultation this afternoon, wish me luck!

  21. Sob Story
    Sob Story says:

    When I was 14 I broke my left femur into 4 pieces mountain biking. Pretty gnarly if you know how important that bone is, especially when you’re fourteen, all alone, no cellphone, on a hill behind your house. I passed out, woke up eventually and screamed until help arrived. Then, after surgeries and a shiny new 14″ stainless steel rod in my leg (not to mention 4 loooong months on the couch over summer) I got back on my snowboard. Bought a $1000 dollar season pass to Alyeska and third day riding, broke my JAW into four different pieces. I was riding along a wind lip and just disappeared over the side when my friend came in for a side hit. I was karate-chopped in the chin by his toe side edge. Split my gum in half and blood started squirting ten feet in the air. Needless to say I passed out. My jaw was wired shut for 3 months and I had to go to school with a thermos of blended soup everyday. Worst year of my life. I’m gonna go knock on wood now…

  22. whahhh...
    whahhh... says:

    Last year, I was snowboarding over Thanksgiving n popped my shoulder out after hitting a box, went to see the doctor and they said everything was fine.
    Then I come back home for Christmas and I’m riding for a week feeling fine, after a night ride gaper slash session I’m taking off my boots and I’m really janking them off and my shoulder pops out again really hurtin this time. So I go see a doc the next day and he tells me all my ligaments are torn and I have to get surgery and it’s middle of winter and can’t snowboard for 5 months. And the worst part is all my friends thought that I completely fucked up my shoulder taking off my boots, so I don’t even have any rad sob stories to tell girls.

  23. THOR
    THOR says:

    I don’t remember what happened but i heard it was epic. The only thing I remember from that day is putting my jacket on before leaving for the mountain. My homie Bacon was cruising alongside of me and from what he has told me I caught my back edge and had my head catapulted into the ground. He decided I was okay since I hold myself up and had me try and ride down the mountain myself. I promptly lost all motor control, careened off the trail and hit my head all over again, this time bouncing it off a tree. Bacon, an advocate for tough love, got me up again, got me to ride to bottom of the hill, and walk myself to the ski patrol. This is all what he from what he has told me. I don’t remember any of this. I regained conscious memory 2 days later on the car ride home with the worst headache I’ve ever had. Hangovers are for pansies compared to headaches caused by massive brain trauma. I need head protection.

  24. GPage
    GPage says:

    i went off a jump and it was like the 3rd time ive ever snowboarded and flipped onto my back and basically got knocked out then after i rode down the mountain without knowing what was going with one foot in and one foot out of the bindings

  25. Schleg
    Schleg says:

    I was at a gymnastics place (cuz I’m gay’n’stuff). Anyways, last thing I remember was showing up and then waking up on my friend’s couch. Apparently I knocked myself out trying a double front flip, had my lip just hanging of my mouth, and then just stared at myself in the mirror for the next hour.

    Oh and I drove myself home in this state cuz my friend was only 15. Scary stuff.

  26. Mayhem
    Mayhem says:

    I was sessioning the half pipe, which had just opened for the season so it was a sh*t show. I drop in on the right wall and am completely focused on my line. Meanwhile, pro skier dude drops in on the left wall, completely focused on his line. By mutual fault, we did not see each other until we collided in the flat bottom. I guess it looked pretty gnarly because people completely freaked. There was blood all over the place from my bloody nose and my hand, which had a compound fracture. After ski patrol made me lie there not able to move for a while they finally let me get up. I walked to the bottom and knew that something on the inside didn’t feel right. For this reason the clinic put me in an ambulance. At the hospital I found out that I would need a plate and 8 screws in my hand, and that my liver was lacerated. I was in the hospital for a week, where they drew blood from me every 5 hours to make sure I wasn’t jaundiced. Out of the hospital I went straight into my last finals for college, which I had to write left handed. Then, I had to be really careful for the next 6 weeks because if my liver experienced any kind of impact, even if I just tripped and fell, I would need surgery to repair it.

  27. mark
    mark says:

    been riding for 12 seasons now. first season riding i was a little grom riding around the hills of NY. decided to take a lesson. i could make turns, left and right weren’t really a problem for me, but I was definitely no Kalbermatten or Ruf. THe instructor decided the best place to take a 11 year old kid would be the terrain park for the first run of the day. he said i could hit the jumps if i wanted to, but to be careful because I’d never been in a park before. no really safety tips or instruction beyond that was really given though. boom, the guy does a nice grab off the first jump, a spin off the second, and i was like alright, I’ll give the third one a try. i launch myself off the perfectly groomed cheese wedges that upstate ny are known for (insert sarcasm, this was a couple of years ago when jump building was a mystifying process involving voodoo and sacrifices to the snow god uller). The rest has been told to me by the instructor as he had turned around and stopped to wait for my sorry ass. Apparently I made it to the back knuckle of the table but i decided to nose into the snow instead of landing on top of it. This created a fulcrum like effect to occur between my body and the snowboard attached to it. The board snapped around and smashed my face into the landing of the jump shattering both lenses of my goggles and knocking me out through my helmet. I came too a couple seconds later and sideslipped over to my instructor where my pupils dilated in opposite directions repeatedly proceeding by me again losing my balance and falling backwards to the snow yet again. After be awoken by the instructor he decided to have me follow him down the hill in to the chairlift where he soon discovered on the ride back up that i did not recall the first run whatsoever. I start to remember things about half way down the second run, and start to wonder why my goggles were so messed up.

    Yes my helmet was put on properly, the chin strap was situated correctly. No my noggin is not extraordinarily large, my hat size is below average if anything. Helmets are great but no substitute for common sense. Needless to say i’ve broken 6 helmets in the past 12 years and plan to do so for as long as i can ride.

  28. Drew's Roomie **
    Drew's Roomie ** says:

    My favorite story of a worst injury also happens to include Mr. Amer. It all started one sunny spring day in the Freeway terrain park at Breckenridge. Drew was feeling a bit over-juiced up on some kodak courage, and decided it would be a good day to step to the “real” side of the Freeway terrain park. Drew, being from ohio, a few years removed, had never seen a mound of snow that large before, and certainly lacked the skill necessary to navigate it without peril. As other Andrew and I stood at the top of the park with a group equivalent to the jersey shore of the snowboard world, we waited for Drew to manifest his destiny. Well, as luck would have it Drew didn’t make it to the landing in the air. Instead he tried a much less revered technique, where one breaks his fall with his face. Drew was immediately knocked unconscious and slid to the bottom of the 50 foot table motionless and awesome. This was just after he had partially recovered from the superglue incident and if I remember correctly, about a month before the dr. said he would be ok to continue to snowboard after fracturing his orbital socket on a Keystone downrail (w/stairs). Drew’s face flesh luckily absorbed most of the impact and his only real injury was to his ego, oh, and the half of his face he left on the knuck of #1. Drew, thanks for this fantastic idea of an article! Many more “face shots” to come!!!

  29. Drew's Other Roomie***
    Drew's Other Roomie*** says:

    This reminds me of an important safety lesson. After watching Drew get knocked out in Freeway and getting checked out we were driving on hwy 9, discussing the events of the day (in addition to Drew’s funny season with the super glue incident and face fracture on a stair set imitation at Keystone) when we heard such a clatter. I looked in my rear view mirror and saw our boards air ride to kickflip to fifty-fifty and perform possibly the longest slide in snowboard history. Luckily there were no cars directly behind us or there might have been some serious damage. At that moment I realized Drew was the last one to put his snowboard in the rack. The lesson to be learned here is never allow your concussed friend and/or Drew to close the roof rack, they probably don’t know what they are doing!

  30. dan maurer
    dan maurer says:

    when my son was around 8, i was trying bigger jumps for the first time. i told him to ride real slow to the top of one to watch me jump it. but what he got to see was me going to far off my toes, flipping myself completly upside down, landing on my head, and cracking 3 ribs with my own elbow. he still teases me about it

  31. Amy
    Amy says:

    face planted getting on line for the lift and my crappy helmet popped off!! i ended up needing two root canals when i got home to save my two front teeth!!!…and im a chick,,,it was rough and painful for weeks!!

  32. Mark Toshack
    Mark Toshack says:

    On my 1st holiday I had hired a RED helmet, thank goodness I did. Was getting a bit cocky half way through the week going a little too fast when i caught my front edge of my board. Went down head 1st and smacked what would have been my head on solid ice. The helmet took the full force.

    I was shaking totally lost my confidence for the rest of the day. Next morning did the same run and same line and nailed it. Confidence back….. you have to conquer your fear.

    Bought with my Burton Clash and P11’s a of course a Red helmet straight away! If people like Kevin Pearce can have a nasty accident then any of us can. Kevin was saved due to his helmet. A very important bit of kit.

  33. oscar yazzie jr.
    oscar yazzie jr. says:

    yo!!!!!! glad to hear bout this helmet blessing. ill be sure and let my buddies know i signed up. they been on me about purchasing a new helmet. last year me and the guys were on a good day and i ended up catchin back edge and slid down the slope on by back, the wrong way,head first into a snow makin outlet on the side of the trail. thank goodness for red. helmet is no good. but id rather that then a no good noggin. protection is a must and this helmet blessing would be another blessing !!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Jordi
    Jordi says:

    Last year (when I was 15) it snowed a lot near my home town. As my board was preety new and I didn’t want to scratch it, I decided to use a mountainboard without its trucks/wheels, only the board and its shitty bindings.
    Though I had no grip, it was a lot of fun. But one time I felt so crazily because I crashed against a tree as I couldnt slow down. When I was in the ground, the ‘snowboard’ continued going down because of the shitty bindings and crashed against my forehead, and I started blooding. The cut I had on my forehead was so deep that you were able to see my skull. It was an incredibly ridiculous bail!!!!!

  35. Steven Mosier
    Steven Mosier says:

    July 18 2009, I had a softball game in central park and proceeded to a local bar for a slice and a brew. I rode my bicycle downtown to go play hockey, I came to 2 weeks later. So here is what happened!

    I went to the bike path on the westside of Manhattan, hit the fence on 48th street (broken collar bone, fractured cheek from my sunglasses, split open leg) then hit the ground with no helmet. Fractured my skull into many pieces. I was rushed to the hospital. They reconstructed my skull with 45 titanium screws, I was in a sedated coma for 2 weeks, then I slowly came to. I had 5 months of memory, speech, and occupational therapy.

    SO, now I where a helmet in every sport I play. Hockey, Snowboarding, and such.

    I have a helmet advocacy called HumpTDumpT!


  36. Ellie Hill
    Ellie Hill says:

    Living on the east coast near the beach we hardly ever get snow, so in order to stay in shape for when ski season finally comes around I ride dirtbikes. Well this past Thanksgiving I was home from college when me and some friends decided to go riding at a motocross park. Once there me and another girl were talking about how I should hit this one jump. This is where the fun begins!

    After some consideration I went for the jump. Off the face of the jump I was doing 45mph, shooting my 25-30ft in the air. I made 75ft of the 80ft jump breaking my right leg right above the ankle joint. Now I have a 5 inch plate and 13 screws holding my tibia together in hopes I won’t need another surgery.

  37. Stephen Grasz
    Stephen Grasz says:

    I was snowboarding last season at bear. First run of the day and I went to do an up-flat-down rail. I slipped out and fell and hit my head. I was wearing a helmet but was still knocked unconscious. Don’t remember too much after that except for a couple people asked if I was okay and I thought they were ski patrol but apparently they weren’t. I ended up riding the rest of the way down the mountain (only remember bits and pieces) I called my parents and told them I didn’t know where I was and the next thing I know I was at big bears hospital. I ALWAYS wear helmets now!!!

  38. Brian
    Brian says:

    Worst injury… I lost my voice last year after unloading on a 50+ year old woman who ran over me at the bottom of the hill because she didn’t know how to stop on her skis… I came though with a couple of bruises that went away, my Custom 151 on the other hand…

  39. andreas
    andreas says:

    i crashed the helmet of a friend during the turtlegame. ( knees and elbows prepared with helmets, one for the head and with a little help of some friends the poor guy slides straight to … the staircases) don’t worry, he is total ok. nothing hapened because of the helmets… but i had to spend my helm couse i crashed his one … so i realy need a new one. please ^^

  40. Marcus_Hart
    Marcus_Hart says:

    Just the other night I was riding with the group and was flying down the mountain, went to hit a box to notice a youngster was in my landing zone, quickly tried to change directions on the box, SLIPPED. End result was my head/face on the box. My Red helmet saved my noggin, too bad I couldn’t say the same for Old Red. Cracked and never coming back!

  41. Pookie
    Pookie says:

    This was just one bad day!
    I went to Sunshine, it was probably my second time boarding, so I was just learning! My first time in the mountains though, so I spent some of the day on the bunny hill trying to carve and not break my face.
    In the afternoon I got brave and started going up the bigger runs. So I got on a lift, and the strangest thing happened. As I sat down, and the chair was moving, my board got stuck between the ground and the chair. So the chair was moving, and my board was stuck to the ground with my one leg in it. I guess no one noticed, but the chair went upwards and freed my poor leg which had been stretched to it’s maximum, almost pulling me right off the chair! It even split the edge of my board in half.
    So, it was nearing the end of the day, and I was getting exhausted and having trouble carving and controlling my self. I was going down a run that was GREEN. And I suppose I took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up on a black diamond heading towards a frozen waterfall. I discovered I couldn’t carve on ice and tumbled the whole way down. I scraped my face, and was EXTREMELY sore the next day. Nothing serious.

  42. Zack smith
    Zack smith says:

    So here I am January 5th 2011. 2nd day back riding from a previous injury. Last run was called (not by me. I dont say that unlucky phrase.) and instead of taking it easy I went to a cliffline called “brownshorts” popped off a 20 foot spot and went a tad bigger than I meant to and landed flat. Upon landing my right knee slammed into the right side of my face. I was immediately seeing double. My friend said “wow. It looks like your eyeball is going to pop out!” after a CT scan it was determined that I have a fractured orbital in 2 places and I need surgery next Thursday. I like my helmet in black with a music option please. GO BIG OR GO HOME! SAFETY BREAKS ARE NEEDED!

  43. Mike Derr
    Mike Derr says:

    Ok, to start out, I blew out my right orbital (eye socket) in 2 place. I was competing at Echo Mountain for the end of the year event. I crossed the pond and went off the side of the landing, dropped 10 or so ft to my face on an ice block. …Blood every where, busted face, extreme double vision and a severe concussion. Surgery 7 days later with a titanium plate holding my eye in. All in all, I won 3rd place (no prize), best crash, broken helmet that I was wearing at the time of the accident, and a good story to tell people.

    I have pictures too

  44. Jasper
    Jasper says:

    Lat year I was having an amazing day. Landing all my spins and grabs. Then I decided to do a run through some trees, and this was when I was a stupid teenager who thought helmets are for old people, so I was going through the trees feeling invincible when BAM I slam into a tree head first. I lay down In the snow for a good 10 minutes, then I decided not to be a baby so I got up and kept riding, letting the exhiliration dull the pain, not a good idea. About an hour or so later, I was going through the park and I thought f*** it, I’m gonna do a back flip, my first one ever. I probably wasn’t thinking clearly because of the first incident. So I am on my way up the biggest jump in White Pass’s tiny park and right when I get to the top I have second thoughts. I was not able to slow my body down and I end up doing a half-flip, which is not a very impressive trick. I landed on my head. That one put me on the ground for a while, but eventually I got up and kept riding till the end of the day, slightly dizzy and confused.
    I had a concussion, a pretty serious one. So that week I went to my local snowboarding shop and bought a RED helmet. Needless to say, I was on the slopes again the next weeked not letting a concussion stop me. But now, I had my head encased in a shell of protection.

  45. Constantin Ruge
    Constantin Ruge says:

    So there I was, hitting a line under the chairlift, somewhere in Austria… On my own, enjoying the deep powder and wondering why I’m the only one doin’ it. I was soon to find out.
    Apparently, I was riding some private property that was surrounded by wooden poles and barbed wire. The whole fence-thing was covered in snow, so there was no way of spotting it. You can guess the rest…
    As I carved hard in the snow, I reached the top of a pole, tumbled and smashed the next pole with my head and neck. I literally felt my entire spine crunching. My ears were tingling and I had no idea what happened. Till I found the barbed wire… I stood there for 10 minutes to make sure I am fully conscious and I can move every part of my body. It got me a pretty nice bruise and a sore neck for a couple of weeks. And I tore my jacket.
    It was the first time I realised that if I didn’t have my helmet, I would have probably ended up more retarded than I already am. So yeah, safety first! (except for condoms; hate them!)

  46. Mike
    Mike says:

    “On no, did you puncture your eye skiing, Sir?” asked the woman at the desk. “NO!” I said, “I SUPER GLUED MY EYE SHUT!” lawlzzzzzzz
    I don’t feel like writing a master peice. Two years ago hit a downrail at end of a run, It wasn’t a high hop or anything so just got on started cruzz’nnn, than started to unexpectedly go frontboard. Put to much pressure on my heel edge and cought on and taco’d crunching my hand between my back and the rail. Got on the lift thinking I broke my wrist, took off glove and noticed index was swelling, re-aligned that bitch and feel asleep in the lodge. A month later it was at a 30 degree angle to the left, pretty bitchn but not good, got surgery with two pins put in. Week after surgery hit up mount snow, rode pretty much everyday in the powder heaven known as PA. Rode the entire six weeks the pins were in, told the docter that I was staying home the entire time. Pretty pussy for injuries but what ev.

  47. Robert
    Robert says:

    I was riding at Bristol Mountain in New York, Im not the greatest rider but I can avoid obstacles. This guy cut infront of me riding over my board which caused both of us to fall, as we fell his board came up and hit me in the back of the head. As this happened we were slidding towards a drop off at the edge of the trail. I had to dig my board in and grab his arm so he didn’t fall over the edge. A helmet would have saved me of a night ended short and a trip to the first aid area.

  48. amath
    amath says:

    I remembered getting to the bottom after calling last run. Nothing in between. I guess i took a park lap by myself and ended up hitting my head hard on something. That helmet I was wearing didnt do much to prevent a concussion, but I guess it could have been worse. That hour and a half drive home after sucked too

  49. mowse
    mowse says:

    When I was young (14ish) and just learned how to 50-50 rails I thought I was soo cool hitting this rainbow rail at Mt Snow. On the third run through the park I was going too fast and aired off the top of the rail all the way down the landing onto my neck and head breaking my collarbone for the SECOND time that year. I had just finally been medically cleared to ride from the last break the week before.

    Also when I was 10 I was trying to straightline through this flat part of the mountain so I wouldn’t have to unstrap and midway through it I hit an ice chunk completely somersaulted and somehow smacked my board on my head/face, cracking my goggle lenses right down the middle. Good thing I was wearing a helmet!

    #58 mike – i did that same thing crunching my hand last week! except I was intentionally frontboarding got lazy and caught the back edge and ended up just burstin caps in my finger from pinching it. sounds liek u got the sh*t end of the rope!

  50. cassy
    cassy says:

    last winter was the best winter of my life. I had the opportunity to board every weekend and sometimes even during the week because I was a senior. i was already committed to a scholarship for D1 softball so I tried to save my arms as much as possible when I took hard falls. overrotating led to a fall I’d never forget. I slammed the back of my head on the bottom of the jump and blacked out. after I woke up I didn’t think much of it and continued on with my day. idk whether it was the impacts after that that caused the degree of my concussion or what but after 3 months of side effects I was diagnosed with pcs that they expected to last over a year. I failed the rest of my senior year cause i couldn’t comprehend much but still managed to graduate. the worst part was the anxiety I developed and nausea that would never go away. also questioning whether i could possibly bear another day of it , let alone a year. a couple months ago i started to regain my vision and dont feel so sick anymore. friends ask me if i ever regret going off that jump and id have to say i dont regret it. i hope one day my head will be back to normal so i could someday take womens snowboarding to a higher level. when  we get done traveling for softball in may, the first day I’m free I’m going up to board. regardless, I will be getting a new helmet, prolly a RED. the main reason why I’m sharing this is cause everyone should wear helmets cause it can save your life

  51. Logan Ward
    Logan Ward says:

    It was towards the end of the season, in the terrain parks prime. I entered in a big air contest that day. They had a good sized hip and everyone was killing it. I nailed a couple tricks, but really wanted to end with a banger so I decided to try clearing the entire hip. I straight lined it from the top and freakin stomped it. Afterwards, my friends and I headed over the the kiddy park just to take it easy. I thought it would be sweet to try a rodeo on a 8-foot table, so I went for it. Mid-air I knew I wasn’t going to make it around and I ended up landing smack dab on my shoulder. Immediately I heard a snap and I felt my shoulder collapse. First thing I did was feel my shoulder and noticed my collar bone had snapped and was poking my skin out! Oh sh** I’m screwed was my thoughts. Went down to the lodge and by that time awards were starting for the big air contest. Turns out that I took first and won a snowboard. The injury was twice as bad when I had to admit to everyone that I broke myself on the kiddy park. Haha.

  52. Kelly
    Kelly says:

    So the worst injury I ever had wasn’t much compared to everyone else who’s suffered from broken bones or anything. But I think the pain I felt at the moment was enough to consider it to be an injury. I had a perfect weather and the entire day was coming to and end soon. Right when we were about to get off the lift, I could see this chick falling as she was getting off. Everyone knows two things were suppose to happen at this point. 1, she should get her ass out of the way and 2, the operator needs to stop the lift. So none of that happened and I did the best I could to get out of her way. As I was approaching, this guy who’s dressed in all black that looks like a gorilla and dresses like one, was standing in front of her just shoves me out of the way which resulted in my poor little ankles being twisted for a while until I was able to undo my bindings. What an ass. He could have just caught me to stop me and all but no, he wasn’t using his head.

  53. Eric
    Eric says:

    To hype up for the winter season, I spent a little time watching youtube videos of snowboarders like Travis Parker doing 3’s hitting some massive jumps. It looked to easy to a beginner like me. So the first trip of the season we head out there with some friends to do some shredding. I should mention that this was probably my third time going and I had only recently learned how to carve. We finally got to the first terrain park which was where the larger jumps were at not knowing there were different levels of terrain parks (damn I sound pretty dumb now that I’m thinking about it. So I approached the jump just as all the pros I watched would have. I never knew how fast I should be going so I just went for it and shortly realize how fast I was gaining speed. I had already committed to the jump and went for it. I didn’t realize I was suppose to ollie at the last second and ended up off balance. Next thing I knew, my ass cheeks pounded against the snow at the same time as my board. Next thing I knew, this board comes flying down inches away from my scull which wasn’t wearing any protection. East Coast riders are too cool for helments. There weren’t any broken ass bones, thank god, but thought I had pulled an ACL at the time (ended up being a sprained knee, not too epic of an injury, I know, tsk tsk). Didn’t want to ruin the trip on the very first day so I took some advil and was back on the slopes shredding like a wounded pro again.

  54. nick
    nick says:

    when i was first learning to ride i rode a box perfectly. Then when i tried the second time i got to much speed and fell on the box hitting my ribs. Never went to the doctor for it.

  55. nick
    nick says:

    i was snowboard two weeks ago get air and landed hard on my shoulder. It still hurts bad and i haven’t been to the doctor yet about it and last week when i went i landed on my knee too much and it was huge for 2 days.

  56. Dev
    Dev says:

    I got hurt last march at meadows. Was cut off by a skier while riding super fast with a crew. Almost at the lift a skier cuts me off while i am in the air. I am yelling at him telling him im on his right but ignores me. I hop to switch dive out of the way clip the edge of the cat track. end up flying about 40 yards in a spinning tummble mess.

    i also broke my sternium and menubrium in my chest.

    now i am paralyzed from the waist down. I have a femur in my spine with lots of mettal supports. Also have two plates in my chest.

    plan to be back on the slope mono sking as soon as possible

  57. THOR
    THOR says:

    So i just realized were all a year late according to the deadlines you posted… or is that just my concussion talking?

  58. Jon
    Jon says:

    Well, one time I went off a jump…and I don’t remember anything else because I didn’t have enough money to rent a helmet out.

  59. John
    John says:

    I was at Stratton last year and was riding the park. I hit a box and wound up catching an edge on it. That caused me to flip over and smash my head into the ground. It knocked me out and I slid 15 feet into a snowbank. It destroyed my hi-fi but I think it saved my life.

  60. Tom
    Tom says:

    n the last few weeks iv started doing tricks and little kickers, about a week and a half ago i must of being feeliing a bit brave I gathered up a lot of speed and headed for a natural kicker on a run i know very well jump went fine but after that i dont know what happened but I ended up in the trees bouncing my right shoulder off one tree which sent me head first backwards into another tree and after bouncing off that spun me so i could finish off the triple and hit my left shoulder off another tree and some where in the middle of that I stubbed my thumb so bad it started bleeding out under the nail and i still cant hold a pint in my left hand and the nail is a weird yellow’ie greenish purple color please help me protect at least my head

  61. alex
    alex says:

    this is weird because i actually just got my first concussion two nights ago filming at a rail. i had no idea how i got to the hospital and don’t remember much from when it happened to waking up the next morning. my friends and parents just said i was talking nonsense and asking the same questions over and over

  62. Jeffrey Kordenbrock
    Jeffrey Kordenbrock says:

    Ok i dont really know if this is supposed to be about a snowboarding injury or not but if it is read the 2nd paragraph..if it isnt and you want to read a really really funny and painful story read the 1st paragraph:

    Ok, so when I was about 5 or 6 my sister had her friend over. I thought she was pretty hot so I wanted to impress her. Like most true men would do. The best thing i could think of was the worst thing to do. Ok, so what I did was that I got my big Hulk hands and went over to the bathroom. When she walked over I stood up on the toilet and smashed my hands together and screemed “Ahhhhhh!!!” They laughed and me and didnt impress her at all. I didnt want this moment to go to waste so while i was standing on the toilet seat i took a wiz. Everything was goin well until my hand slipped and wiz went all over the toilet seat. While I was still wizzing and standing I reached my foot over to wipe it up. But instead of doing that I slipped! While i was still wizzing I fell backward spraying everywhere and face planted right onto a granite stool under the sink. Blood and wiz were flying everywhere! I went to the hospital and got 18 stitches across my face. I looked like Chucky! The aftermath: my bathroom walls were then painted yellow and red. The reason you need a helmet is that things like this don’t happen. For example you could catch an edge on a rail and face plant but if you have a helmet you will probably be ok but if not you will not. You can get serious brain damage, cuncussions, get knocked out, and even death. Wearing a helmet should be common sense and you should put it on when ever in a dangerous activity. It is just like putting on your seatbelt every time you enter the car. Wear a helmet and play it safe. Thanks for reading!

    Last year i wanted to try out the big mega ramp and so thats what I did. It was all goin good until when i landed i coaught a big edge. I did not have a helmet on and flipped across the floor. I landed straight on my head and got a very bad major concussion. I was in the hospital for a week straight. My snowboard season was over. The next year I wanted to start back up but my mom said i had to get a helmet. So i went to Dick’s and got a RED helmet. It was very confortable and i was readay to hit the mountain again. I want to face my fears and go on the mega ramp again so I did. Once again I landed on my head but this time because of my RED helmet I didnt get a scratch. A few months ago my awesome RED helmet got ran over and cracked in half. I look foward to snowboarding again this year but I dont have a helmet. Please hook me up with a new Hi-Fi so this does not happen again.

  63. Kyle
    Kyle says:

    One sunny day at Mt Hood Meadows, I did a huuuugge backside 180 (well atleast it fell huge), right under HRM lift. I landed it smoothly and attempted to right away switch. I did it. Better than ever. But then, when I tryed to revert back to regular. I cought major frontside edge and slammed right into the slow sign. Right under the lift. Ahhh so embarasing. So I got up. Took off my helmet. Let my hair wave in the wind. And thanked God for the used helmet my friend had just givin to me that day.

  64. Jen
    Jen says:

    If this is for worst injury in general, that would be from preschool. We were having a contest to see who could jump the highest. Everyone else just stood in place and jumped up. So, I decided to win by jumping off a chair. I thought I was so smart to do this, but really, it was one of the most idiotic choices I’ve ever made. When I jumped up, my foot caught the chair somehow, and I tripped mid-air, banging my head against a wood box. I felt like my head split open and blood was gushing everywhere. In the end, I had to get 5 stitches between my brows, and I still have a scar there to prove it.

    The moral of the story is: Don’t be a moron and try stupid tricks because pain is all you’ll get in return.

  65. Jeffrey Kordenbrock
    Jeffrey Kordenbrock says:

    hahahaha i remember this day like yesterday:

    Ok, so when I was about 5 or 6 my sister had her friend over. I thought she was pretty hot so I wanted to impress her. Like most true men would do. The best thing i could think of was the worst thing to do. Ok, so what I did was that I got my big Hulk hands and went over to the bathroom. When she walked over I stood up on the toilet and smashed my hands together and screemed “Ahhhhhh!!!” They laughed and me and didnt impress her at all. I didnt want this moment to go to waste so while i was standing on the toilet seat i took a wiz. Everything was goin well until my hand slipped and wiz went all over the toilet seat. While I was still wizzing and standing I reached my foot over to wipe it up. But instead of doing that I slipped! While i was still wizzing I fell backward spraying everywhere and face planted right onto a granite stool under the sink. Blood and wiz were flying everywhere! I went to the hospital and got 18 stitches across my face. I looked like Chucky! The aftermath: my bathroom walls were then painted yellow and red.

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