Gus’s House with the Bear Cubs


Mellow backyard sesh.

Riders: Brendon Hupp, Cameron McCormick, Chris Larson and Gus Engle

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  1. steve
    steve says:

    Not to be all artsy fartsy and I know its just an edit with boys but fix the white balance snowboarding videos are hard to watch when you cant see the snow, just saying

  2. Benny
    Benny says:

    WB seems fine, they could have taken the highlights down a bit for sure. I like the slightly desaturated look with the crushed blacks. Its all subjective though.

  3. Jordan
    Jordan says:

    It would be so sweet to have a box like this in my yard! Any tips on how to build a similar one? Maybe someone should start a DIY forum page.

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