Boxes For Days in Boreal

Josh Parker. Getting some. All photos by Tim Zimmerman

Great ideas don’t always have the desired results. This past Saturday Krush Kulesza and Snowboy Productions hit up Boreal Mountain in sunny Northern California to hold a contest of epic proportions. Boxes for Days is such an amazingly fun idea for a contest and consists of putting multiple boxes in row and having the competitors try to make it to the end in one piece.

The insane box feature at Boreal measured in at over 200+ feet and was intimidating to say the least. Jesse Burtner of Think Thank fame provided the comedic commentary while pro boarders Nick Visconti and Jason Robinson tossed out prizes. In theory, the box looked doable. A long straight row of boxes consisting of up flat downs, flat boxes, and rainbow boxes lead into a series of c boxes and finally into one final flat box with a pile of banana peels on the end. However, when competitors began to drop, a design flaw became very apparent. The top section was built on too steep of a hill for competitors to make it through the lower c box section. After some course maintenance the c box was raised to a steeper angle which only led to more hilarious crashes.

Luckily, the Tahoe snowboard scene is full of inventive and creative riders. The competitors began to grab the coping of the boxes in the upper section to slow down and followed that up by coffin sliding to scrub speed before the harsh turns. A few riders decided to slide backwards down the straight section while bending over and looking through their legs to stay on course in quite a sexually precarious position. Eventually a rider completed the entire course and was given a brand new Skate Banana. Might not have been the original goal, but now that I look back, I realize that the idea of Boxes for Days was to have fun. Mission accomplished.

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  1. Aaron Rodgers
    Aaron Rodgers says:

    The Canyons in UT did the same thing like three weeks ago for the second time. They called it Boxzilla II.

  2. Jp Bergeron
    Jp Bergeron says:

    “Without cheating (using your hands, laying down) that box was mission impossible.”

    Second that- hit the first C going fast/hard enough to snap my heel edge.. It was fun right up until then….

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