Rejected Edits Get Schooled

There’s likely some debate over the A-F grading system in most schools. Surely there is some child psychologist whose done some study about how grading our children does them irreparable harm later in life. Whether it works or not though, we’re running with it for this weeks batch of rejects. Professor Jerm is here to learn you.

Last Days First Days from the Rippendales

D troublesome and disruptive, seldom shows promise.

Prior to watching this edit I was under the impression that all Euros were really good at snowboarding. You guys definitely proved that stereotype wrong. The only reason I kept watching the edit was because the description said there was some porno in it. When I finally saw the “porno” part I almost threw up, so gross and not funny. Whats wrong with Captain Camo’s neck? Every time he lands it looks like he’s unable to support the weight of his own head. You could have had a halfway decent edit if you cut out about 80% of the nonsense and bad snowboarding. But then again you did send this in requesting to be a rejected edit. So congratulations, your edit blows more than your friend sucking off his buddy.

MLK Monday with the Critters

C+ distracting to others in class, please see a tutor before finalizing projects.

I’m guessing the black and white is intentional. Very symbolic/clever, but comes across as insincere and rude. Then we get into the moves, I’ve seen better bs 5s out of 13-year-old girls. The unintentional early out sameway, soggy straight air, then that wallride. I don’t know how many more times I could watch someone hit that thing. I get it, its fun, you hit it every time, enough. I think you guys need to look into a wrist guard or carpel tunnel support sponsorship, you’ve got some serious raptor claw wrist problems.

Here’s To It Trailer

C- final result lacks relevance to current topic. please revise.

Was that really your trailer? Aren’t snowboarding movies supposed to have snowboarding in them? All I can remember from that was a hot dog, a fat guy and an underflip 7.

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  1. Mike
    Mike says:

    I now watch more rejected than accepted edits. Last one wasn’t bad, all but it probably seems much better than it is after watching the ones above it.

  2. ...
    ... says:

    why would someboady make an edit to martin luther king talkin…..yea it was mlk day, i dont think he was fighting for segregation and rights for snowboarders

  3. shtave
    shtave says:

    jerm quit acting like you snowboard. all you do is sit behind a computer and critique other peoples good riding. god i hate dudes like you who act like you have so much more than everyone else. i watched all these videos and all of them were decent, but you have to find EVERY flaw they have. it ruins snowboarding. i dont wanna sit here and complain, but get this jerm guy off your guys’ so called “staff”.

  4. gumpy
    gumpy says:

    i cant wait for jerm to get his first snowboard.
    jerm, you sir are a retard.
    everyone else keep having fun!

  5. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    I edited the critters video for them, and I’m black. That was me expressing myself so if you’re going to hate you’re racist.

  6. fuckjerm
    fuckjerm says:

    i would really like it if jerm could put up some of his riding. even if hes kidding hes fucking annoying and he was probably molested as a child

  7. RDC
    RDC says:

    Thanks for rejecting 🙂 We already knew you americans wouldn’t find that porno bit too funny but it’s always a good laugh to see how prude and stuck up you are behind that overly-liberal boarder-mask of yours.
    We’ll try to kick the riding up a notch in the next one and we’ll get a neckbrace for camo-G! Any idea where to find these?

  8. Get Healthy
    Get Healthy says:

    Definition of REJECT
    transitive verb
    a : to refuse to accept, consider, submit to, take for some purpose, or use.

    You should learn this term. I don’t know how you came across my video but I definitely didn’t submit anything to you or anyone else. We snowboard and film for fun, something snobbish snowboarders like yourself can’t understand. Get off your high horse and go do some actual snowboarding.

  9. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    ^^ Actually we aren’t prude and stuck up…. we just don’t think that a dude blowing another dude’s fake hot-dog dick is anything short of homo-erotic and gay (I can use that word when it’s appropriate, right Nick?). We know you wanted to emulate Scotty Lago, but it was a fail…

    Also I’m thinking Shtave or whatever the fuck that name is supposed to be was one of the riders in this weeks rejected edits…. If you had to look that hard to see why these were rejected, my guess is you weren’t watching the right videos. These ones were baaad. Kids gotta learn that just hucking sloppy spins onto rails isn’t doing the tricks… Just because you rotated a little bit over 180 doesn’t mean you did a 270 on.

    And seriously?? Not only was having an MLK speech as your soundtrack completely boring, inappropriate and tasteless… It was just plain retarded considering you’re all white kids who are snowboarding. I mean, I’m sure you feel extremely oppressed by the fact that your mom didn’t make you and your friends bagel bites last night when you demanded it. And I’m sure you can can relate to the negro’s plight since your parents wouldn’t let you get this years BMW. But really? I can only hope somebody sprays you with a fire hose the next time you think about making a snowboard edit.

  10. hahaha
    hahaha says:

    Prude and stuck up…..hahahahahha. U phucks go and put some garbage american rap on ur edit to prove the fact that u euros are retarded and tasteless……go ski. To the darkie that said were racist if we hate…….come on think about it. Horrible choice of noise to ur edit. And Jimbo, thanks for typin something worth reading.

  11. shtave
    shtave says:

    great now we got this jimbo guy on here giving us his unwanted shitty opinion. i wasnt in any of these videos, but i know some of the crews in the elm creek edit. how bout this jerm guy makes an edit. i REALLY wanna see what he can do.

  12. RDC
    RDC says:

    Oh and Jimbo, we know that the Wurstel-scene was nothing short of homoerotic and gay. But what’s the problem with that and how does it prove anything?

  13. mn
    mn says:

    no one wants to watch queer shit on snowboard videos. i want to watch people snowboard, not pretend to suck each others dicks

  14. raptor claws
    raptor claws says:

    Jerm, I don’t give a shit about what you say. Keep making your solo edits at Vail and sucking up that wakeboarder who runs Yobeat.

  15. Mike
    Mike says:

    These comments are awesome. Looks like all your e-condoms broke now have a severe case of the U MADS.

    As far as the euro’s go, you little selfish bastards, I don’t know if you can read or not but last time I checked your entire land mass covered in bodies and rubble, until we came in and rebuilt it for you. If you open just about every history book written after 1945 you’ll probably notice something called the “Marshall Plan.” Hate the west all you want, if it wasn’t for us you’d still be starving and homeless.

  16. karnkarn
    karnkarn says:

    mn makes a great post, “no one wants to watch queer shit on snowboard videos. i want to watch people snowboard, not pretend to suck each others dicks.”

    Pretty much the case with me. Uh Mike, I dont know if the New Deal and the Post-WWII Marshall Plan has much to do with Europeans having their own 2-cent thoughts about small scale snowboard edits on YoBeat. The reason we weren’t starving and homeless after WWII is because the war was actually good for our economy (rare for wartime). It also was the fact that we werent connected to the countries facing the frontlines of fascism and authoritarianism in Europe. This is one reason we are fat, rich, and comfortable today in America. Know the history, but haha please don’t bring it into a senseless and unrelated debate on snowboarding edits. It just makes you look ignorant.

    Time Wasted = 5 minutes.

  17. truf
    truf says:

    quit hating and go snowboard people. i swear everyone spends more time on here hating than fuckin shreddin

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