Milkshakes and Rails


From the people who brought you Trollhaugen-tage comes a little Tahoe backyard boarding.

Riders: Jordan Daniels, Aaron Becker, Brett Spurr, Cole Linzmeyer
Edit: Colton Morgan

  • frumaseed

    thats fucking awesome. i wanna live there

  • BG


  • Scott

    looks like soo much fun!

  • james

    bitches lookin stoopid!!!!!

  • boardjumpz

    Holy shit those transfers were sick. Shoot it with a fish eye and throw some ramp slow-mo in there and it’s video part quality!

  • So Sick!

  • tristan

    that looks so fun! highly enjoyed

  • S-Video

    Dude w/ the gloves was killing.

  • BLS

    Bitches Lookin Stupid

  • aaron fraher


  • psmith

    the truth

  • Fry

    yobeat comin through with amazing tube edits these days

  • BLS> your favorite crew.