Commenting Back in 2011

It’s a new year. It’s cold outside. The sky is gray and the sun sets early. There’s no sunshine in my life. The only snow I see is cold, gray and laying flat on the sidewalk. I’m tried, overworked and I drink too much. Bitter anger is the new cool. Happiness is for losers. Stupidity too. Welcome to 2011, welcome to a new year of Commenting Back.


Jerm commented:

“Flood, always the sickest. But did anyone else notice how creepy his hand looked?”

Jerm, if you’re going to be a new Yobeat pseudo-celebrity whatever the fuck contributor don’t write such piss poor comments. It took multiple grammatical corrections to get this thing up to par. And for fucks sake man, Shane Flood’s hand looked creepy? Really? You mean the grown ass man who wears shirts with Nuns fucking their bloody vaginas with crucifixes both in and out of his homemade coffin bed is a bit creepy?


Jimbo said:

“I like the video… Too bad L1 is kinda whack. Remember the days when Nima Jalali wasn’t a total homo and actually snowboarded once in a while? Those were the days. He used to be my favorite snowboarder, now I feel like the only snowboarding-related thing he does is fashion ads.”

Remember the days when Michael Jordan was kick ass at basketball? Or when Babe Ruth was the homerun king? Fuck man, those were the days. Before those guys got old, found new interests and turned into “homos”. Listen Jim, Nima broke his fucking knee after filming the part of his life. He took a year off, started a company, and realized 99% of the guys he grew up with had quit and moved on. He’s still filming a bit, but he’s onto new things. And fashion ads? Well how would you market an outerwear line, or glasses/softgoods line? Seriously Jim, either read a book or stop commenting.


Nasty Nate wrote:

“This is the coolest thing the XGames ever did. Louif’s part is ridiculous, as are Sauves’ and Brisse’s. Sexton was a little too starstruck competing against his surrogate father’s Simon and JP. /all members of the Forum 8 are washed up. Simon prayed for the win a bit too much. Hout’s still got that fire in his belly. I’d love to see his falling footage too though. Everyone’s got those 20 disasters on lock though. Stuntin’.”

I don’t need to say anything here. Nasty Nate, two thumbs up pal.

And Jimbo redeemed himself with:

“Oh yeah, and Jeremy Jones should win an award for biggest homo of the year. Bad enough he shuv-its for every trick, but then he has the ESPN theme music as his song? BOO.”

I was honestly worried that Jim couldn’t tie his own shoes until I saw this gem. Way to go man. But seriously, how about we stop using “homo” to describe everyone? You never know man, you could be at the bar tonight, toss out a “homo” here and there and wake up with a broken jaw, prolapsed asshole and a bunch of hairy chested bald men laughing at your inability to stand.


Justin chirped in:

“Brooke, you should have put your name instead of hiding behind Admin. I love hearing a fat wakeboarder tell me what really matters in snowboarding.”

This Just In: Brooke Geery is no longer fat or a wakeboarder! Two weeks ago I ran into boss lady Brooke at New York’s JFK airport. She was like 50 pounds lighter than the Brooke I saw in October. I bet she is nearly back to her college form, you know, back when pro shreds were all about her. Anyway, she also quit wakeboarding. Basically because we were all a bunch of dicks about it, and I dunno, maybe ‘cuz that company was super dumb anyway.

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  1. hater skater
    hater skater says:

    that was funny, but nick next time you want to make fun of jerm, espsecially by saying something like “It took multiple grammatical corrections to get this thing up to par”, make sure you spell pseudo-celebrity right…

  2. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Ha. You know that’s a good observation… I’m not a homophobe or anything, I guess I never really noticed. It must be one of those New-Englander things that just sorta stuck with me.
    And boy do I feel dumb for not knowing Nima broke his knee. I just sorta figured he pulled a Lucas Magoon and gave up serious snowboarding for serious drugs. Isn’t that what happens to everyone who quits being a pro snowboarder? I mean, that or they start an internet blog….

  3. shamwowszers
    shamwowszers says:

    Jimbo didnt lucas magoon end up with a serious head injury? and that’s why he fell off the scene? You are the definition of a true hater. You talk shit on things you have no clue about.

  4. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Not from what I hear from everyone who knows him. He gave up caring about filming long before any head injury that I know of, or so all of Truckee says, and since that’s where he lives I believe it (not to mention Truckee is FULL of people who love mushrooms)

    But you are correct, I am a true hater. I usually just say things to piss people off, and it works a lot. Most of my “credible sources” come from rumors in the Kingvale parking lot (may it rest in peace). But you already knew that, I’m sure

  5. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    ^he’s still got it, he just doesn’t really give a shit anymore. Though I’ll admit I didn’t know he was with gbp on any regular basis

  6. birdword
    birdword says:

    Seriously who gives a fuck, I for sure don’t. Just ride everyday you can and have a fucking blast, that’s all that matters.

  7. jerm
    jerm says:

    ah damn, my bad. i must have given you the wrong link. just thought since i linked to a page that he was pictured on the home page on and a part of he might be on it. next time ill check to make sure hes featured on it.

  8. homo
    homo says:

    jimbo, you dip shit, lucas magoon got a bad head injury and has been slaying it under the radar at bear everyday. stop talking.

  9. yoyougotfruit
    yoyougotfruit says:

    dont give a fuck
    grammers for everyone
    nima kills it
    lucas kills it
    better than me thats truee

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