Sur La Rue: Viva Norway!

There has just not been much snow in Quebec City, so we decided to go film in Stale’s neighborhood, aka the land of the Norse, aka, Norway. The two first days were pretty hard, we were all jet lagged big time. I went to sleep around 11 pm super tired one night and woke up feeling really rested and thinking it was morning…it was 2am. I looked in the bed next to mine and Laurent was on the same program, already on his computer passing time, and soon after, Cavan woke up…It took about 3 nights to get alright. Luckily we still have a week and half over here, and shit’s going good.

Newark Airport is lovely this time of year.

We quickly realized Norway has no shortage of snow!

We packed up the car and drove around to look up at some spots and guess who can’t drive a car stick…

…Those two fuckers…so I have to drive the car the whole time.

Guess who goes in a filming trip and doesn’t bring a shovel…

Those two fuckers…So I was the only person with a shovel the first day.

So Laurent took shit into his hands and bought a snow blower.

We met up with Alex Cantin.

Toilets are pretty cool over here. You can hold on those arms thing just in case anything goes wrong.

The mug says it so Laurent doesn’t have to.

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    hahah says:

    hahahah nice crapper i remember my first flight to sweden stay away from fish on a plane shitmy brains out during a hockey tournament when i was 13.

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