Not Just Another Yawgoo Tube Edit


The boys from Rhode Island knew the Internet couldn’t handle another Yawgoo tube edit so they stepped it up: two tubes at the same time! The trick variety doesn’t hurt either.

Riders: Marcus Rand and Dylan Gamache
Edit: Brendan Gouin

  • sam cosby

    ahh the TWObe edit.
    you get it…cause its a play on words. There are TWO Tubes! Omglolz

  • Jeff

    I really liked that

  • k

    looks like so much fun

  • sooooooo sick!! stmstr ext ftw!!!!

  • derek

    that was such a sick edit… dope civil hoody too

  • NH

    definitely fun to watch

  • yeeeeea

    hells yes, i’ve never seen so much style and execution

  • jerm

    the moves in this real nice. and some full circle carve attempts, thats the stuff.

  • Not gonna lie, that was some pretty hot tube-on-tube action…

    But I had to ask myself…. was a snow-cat really necessary for this build? Way to fight global warming guys

  • bean town.

    ^its the best way to soften up a base of solid east coast ice. sick edit guys.

  • Copenhagen

    I don’t care what people say about tube edits, they’re always a good time. Looked super fun.

  • tyler

    seriously how many tricks do you have dylan hell yeah homie

  • mikeyp

    hell yeah dudes shit was ill

  • Jimbo

    Ahhhh yes… You know I’ve been out west so long I completely forgot about that boiler-plate snow back east

  • fred the god

    this shit was trill as fuck

  • Awesome, that groomers part at the end was so nice.

  • fur burger

    this just made my day. very inspiring.

  • tuber

    so heavy!

  • ButchCassidy

    the 4s out were sick

  • hUh

    let me be the first to say that YOBEAT post nething with these two kids in it. second can someone give then a friggin travel budget?? how has this not happened yet?

  • ^

    agreed..someone need to set these kids up quick