Big Boulder Boarding


Somehow it seems Pennsylvania has become some sort of snowboard epicenter when no one was paying attention. At least, they have good parks. Just a little edit from Fabrice Toussaint, which, we’ll have you know, Jerm approved.

  • Mike

    Helllllllllllll yeah. Finally made it off the rejected.

  • turd ferguson

    ding, dong, the jerm is dead

  • That was kinda cool, but what the hell was up with the whole jump-line segment with grabless spins by some dude with his jacket tucked into his gloves? Kinda killed it for me. East coast kids may know how to shred, which is cool, but why the hell do they all dress like Johnny-Tennessee on his first outing in the snow?

  • pauly D

    these homies rip. vid could have been a bit shorter though.

  • james

    haha hey Jimbo who gives a shit about shirt tucked into glove, you prolly have a matching kit go kys ya fahhhgottt.

  • indian casino royale

    Did I see a Pat Bridges handplant on YoBeat? Surely this is some big internet mistake. Those Luzas got the moves!

  • upstatemike.

    hell yeah you sons a bitches.