X Games Real Snow: The Entries

It’s hard to care about the X Games, what with being banned for life and all, but maybe this Real Snow thing is pretty cool. At the very least, eight dudes spent a lot of time and money putting together some pretty heavy parts in the hopes of winning fifty grand without having to go to Aspen. And hey, the Taco Bell and Mountain Dew ads are limited, and Sal is no where to be found! Watch em all here and decide for yourself.

Joe Sexton

Simon Chamberlain

Jeremy Jones

JP Walker

Seth Hout

Louif Paradis

Dan Brisse

Nick Sauve

Special thanks to High Cascade for posting all these and reminding us today was the day! If you wanna vote, you should do so here, but as we’ve learned by other X Votes, it won’t actually matter.

PROOF YOUR VOTES DON’T MATTER. The results so far.

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  1. Nasty Nate
    Nasty Nate says:

    this is the coolest thing the xgames ever did, louif’s part is ridiculous, as are sauves’s and brisse’s. Sexton was a little too starstruck competing against his surrogate father’s simon and jp. All members of the forum 8 are washed up. Simon prayed for the win a bit too much. Huot’s still got that fire in his belly. I’d love to see his falling footage too though. Everyone’s got those 270 disaster’s on lock though. stuntin’

  2. Jimbo
    Jimbo says:

    Oh yeah, and Jeremy Jones should win an award for biggest homo of the year. Ban enough he shove-it’s for every trick, but then he has the espn theme music as his song? boo

  3. awesome
    awesome says:

    louifs was so sick. probably won’t win cause the mainstream will be more into the huge shit, but that was crazy also

  4. mn
    mn says:

    seems everyone here knows whats up, brisse, paradis, and sauve… whats good. sextons was dope too. as far as jones goes, he is washed up, those arent real tricks, quit flaunting that you can ruin snowboards and we can’t. spinning a little one footer trick is quite possibly the gayest thing that has ever happened to boarding. fuck “trjj”

  5. stevedave
    stevedave says:

    Dude, Jeremy, hang it up man. You’re embarrassing yourself and everyone else who snowboards. How are you even in the same contest as Louif or Brisse?

    Side note: Brooke, could you add The Unit to the poll of dumbest things in snowboarding? It’d be a landslide victory.

  6. GetWyld
    GetWyld says:

    i honestly never want to see another part from jeremy jones or jp walker. they had their time, now its time to move on. jeremy has resorted to doing tricks that can be done on a razor scooter and jp just isnt entertaining to watch anymore. just that 15 second ad at the beginning of every vid pissed me off to watch.

    LFP and Sauve killed it tho. hope one of them gets the win.

  7. upstatemike.
    upstatemike. says:

    PS…for people who hate so hard on kids coming up, JJ and JP need to step back. we’ve all seen more 270’s on and foot twirling then we can handle. they got schooled so hard in this contest.

  8. ble
    ble says:

    fuck jj, that shit is setting us back more than anything but hell probably win cause all the kooks will be psyched on the fucking board spin. how dare he call himself the “real” jj when the REAL jeremy jones is climbing mountains and riding down way more high consequence shit. oh yeah and hes not a huge douche either.

  9. Fonzie
    Fonzie says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed those all of those except for Jeremy and JP’s. Damn that pinwheel, who’s cheering for that in the background? Brisse, Louif, and Sauve had some wild shit. Simon had good style and Sexton was hella tech. I think overall I’d vote for Sauve, but the nollie-back in Brisse’s vid was sick

  10. bret
    bret says:

    all of these were really sick and obvioulsy they all put a lot of work into their parts, but honestly all this will be is a popularity contest just like the big air judging was leave judging to people who know a ton about snowboarding, i watch a million snowboard videos and i dont even think i can choose one part out of that thats the best

  11. matt
    matt says:

    nic sauve had a super cool interview with pat moore this month in snowboard mag. makes you realize how, if your hearts in it, you can makes it in the snowboard industry. especially if you have the talent nic shows in this video.

  12. Chief Thunderbear
    Chief Thunderbear says:

    Brisse or Nic for sure.

    The “real” Jeremy jones video is a joke, much like he is. What a clown. That guy is such a hater, and it makes my day to see people hating on him in the posts above.

    What happened to his corn rows? Didn’t see a dew rag either. God I can’t stand that guy. Just make him go away.

  13. weeeeded
    weeeeded says:

    Nik, Louif, & Brisse have the best parts hands down, they are changing the game. Joe has a solid part. JP, Seth & Simons is solid, but the riding level is way higher with the top three. JJ is the man, but common really 5 of those gayping shots??? Out with the old and in with the new!

  14. Nic
    Nic says:

    You guys are all haters — JP’s part was dope. Stop rubbing on Louif and Brisse’s parts becuase you swear they’re more “core” — the forum 8 guys paved the way for them, and it doesn’t get more core than that. Comes down to Sauve and JP. Louif’s riding is pretty herky jerky.

  15. Your mom
    Your mom says:

    Seriously with the tweet? All Sexton did in his part was cry. Jones doesn’t deserve to win, but he certainly deserved to beat THAT.

  16. mn
    mn says:

    nic ^^- you just said louifs riding was “herky jerky.” that makes everything you just said completely invalid, you fucking retard. as for jp and jeremy both in the finals….. well this contest just lost all credibility as well, so fuck xgames. yobeat, please dont cover this stupid event anymore

  17. 3L
    3L says:

    shove-its are so cool, especially when 1 of your feet is connected to a board thats 5 feet long. my mom couldve done those circus manuevers u kook. skateboarders the world over are laughing at you.

  18. mark
    mark says:

    jones should have gone against brisse cause his part was not as good so that pardis could still be in the running. some of his shit was ridiculous and is straight up better than jones. jones just said fuck a back binding (which chamberlain does as well and he straight up murdered that down rail, 1 foot flyin in the air > better than a wannabe skateboard) and just shove-its everything which was only mildly cool when it was done last year.

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